This video is about the visual effects used in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. It focuses mainly on the Series 888 Terminator, the new model of the Terminator for the show. It is a short clip from the Fox Movie Channel's behind-the-scenes special that aired in January, 2008.

Video Transcript

  • Narrated by James Lima, the Visual Effects Supervisor

James Lima: So this is a T-Triple-Eight. It is a completely upgraded and modified improved version of the Terminator endo series. This is a bipedal combat chassis. It is basically a two-legged tank. [Holds model of T-888 skull] This is the reason why it's called a triple eight. One, two, three processors. It's triple core. So if this one gets whacked, and this one gets whacked — there is still one hard drive to run the system. Very militaristic. That's how the military builds things. It's always redundant. You always have a back up.

James Lima: The biggest challenge in designing the new Terminators was to honor the design. In the first Terminator [film], the Terminator was kind of a body builder, it was a very big, brutish, you know industrial revolution battering ram Terminator. Our Terminator is much more upgraded, much more refined, has a little bit more... kung fu move. But still has that Terminator vibe, still a machine. So the challenge was to upgrade this design, but not lose what worked and what is so perfect about the design. So it was a very delicate balance of upgrading and also not losing what was essentially perfect in its original incarnation.

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