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T-90 wielding a pair of plasma rifles.
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Humanoid Hunter-Killers.

The T-90 is the Hyperalloy Endoskeleton Terminator utilized as Skynet's basic field combat unit and is the most successful Humanoid Hunter Killer Unit.


T2 Trilogy

In the original timeline, Skynet itself designed and began production of the T-90 after the Judgment Day but sometime prior to 2021.[1] In the colloquial terms of the novel trilogy, this is the designation utilized for the legions of Terminators directly deployed to the battlefields of the Future War (as seen in the film Terminator 2: Judgment Day), and never intended to wear a living tissue infiltration sheath.

Because of Skynet's deliberate corruption [2] of the timeline with the I-950 Serena Burns, she is able to influence Cyberdyne Systems to achieve the technological knowledge base required for mass production of these units earlier than originally defined making them direct participants of the events of Judgment Day, accelerating Skynet's own designs, and culminating eventually in the Series 800 as we know them, and by 2029 the Series 1000 Terminators.

However, because these initial units were now developed before the technological base could fully support them, units built out of contemporary materials had to accept a certain level of initial increased vulnerability, and lessened performance. This led to the creation of simultaneously existing alternate futures in a state of quantum superimposition as detected by Skynet, in which the dates of Judgment Day, the effectiveness of the Resistance, and the very existence of Skynet itself were placed in a state of flux.[3]


  • For ease of reference and to reconcile with the consensus on naming conventions, all other operational references to the T-90 Terminators in the T2 Trilogy have been converted to T-800 Endoskeleton, that is, "T-800 Terminator without living tissue".
  • Although the release of the T2 Trilogy novel in 2003 coincided with the production of Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, the novel only takes pains to reconcile its canon with the first two films. As a result, the clarification identifying the endoskeleton chassis as a T-800, optionally equipped with a Model 101 flesh covering, had not come out.



  1. A T-90 is responsible for the capture of Lisa Weinbaum in 2021, so must be a production model by this time.
  2. The I-950 not only possessed complete knowledge of 2029 technology, but carried within her a number of actual future-tech Neural Net CPUs and fuel cells with which to immediately begin manufacture of Terminators with contemporary materials.
  3. Skynet's opening monologue in the novel T2: Rising Storm.

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  • T-700 - The T-800 Terminator without living tissue outer sheath
  • T-801 - The T-800 Terminator without living tissue outer sheath, for Heavy Combat purpose.
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