The T-950 is a reprogrammed female T-950 Infiltrator that traveled back in time to protect John Connor.

Terminator 3: Fragmented

The T-950 located John Connor, who was having a talk with a Male T-950 in a bowling store. She attacked the Terminator when the owner asking about the vending machine which was broken by the Terminator. The two Terminator battled and she used and EMP grenade to disable the opponent before she took John Connor away in a pickup truck. Terminator 3: Fragmented issue 1

The Male T-950 conducted a pursuit by car, but she managed to destroy it. She then took John into subway, but the Terminator soon caught them on the train. After she evacuated John Connor along with other passengers, she lead the male T-950 into an empty train, where she set five EMP grenades to stop the male T-950, but the tactic failed as the male T-950 escaped to her car before the grenades detonated. The two T-950 engaged in a fierce battle until she knocked the male T-950 out of train, crushing his left arm.

When she walked out of the train in the next station, the male T-950 followed her. She noticed that she had been followed and shot at an ATM, causing people to gathering money. This action made the male T-950 easily to be spotted and she attacked him from behind. However, the male T-950 managed to fight back before knocked her to the rail. She tried to stop the incoming train, but she did not work out well and ended up trapped while the male T-950 was approaching John Connor.

She eventually got out and terminated the male T-950 in time right after it realized its mission is to terminate John Connor. After the target was destroyed, she and John left the scene. Terminator 3: Fragmented issue 2


  • It is worth noting that the T-950 usually evacuates civilian before engaging the target.
  • Her outfit is similar to the Z000.M.




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