The T-950 was a T-950 Infiltrator that traveled back in time to assassinate John Connor.

Terminator 3: Fragmented

At a certain point, the T-950 was knocked offline by unknown person. After it reinitiated, the Terminator could not determined if it was assigned to kill or protect John Connor. In addition, there was a burning corpse laying beside it before a team of SWAT broke into the scene. After battle with the SWAT, the Terminator fled the scene and found John Connor. They had a talk in a bowling stadium before a Female T-950 showed up and attacked it before she took John Connor away. Terminator 3: Fragmented part 1

During the pursuit, the Terminator defragmented the hard drive and regained its original instruction: to kill John Connor. However, the Terminator was destroyed by the Female T-950 in subway. Terminator 3: Fragmented part 2




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