T2 Infiltrator

T2: Infiltrator

T2: Infiltrator begins the T2 Trilogy novels written by S.M. Stirling. The story continues in T2: Rising Storm and T2: The Future War.


John and Sarah, while living in Paraguay, encounter a former agent named Dieter von Rossbach, whose physical appearance would become the basis for the T-800 terminator seen in the first two films.

Ultimately, John, Sarah and Dieter find themselves forced into a conflict with the newest version of a Terminator, the I-950 Infiltrator Serena Burns. This unit, sent by Skynet from the future, has taken over as the head of security for Cyberdyne, now operating under the control of the U.S. Government. [1]


Resistance and the associates Skynet Human antagonists




Continuity notes

  • John Connor stated he was 16 as of the events in this novel, placing it in 2001.

Terminator references

Real-world references




  1. Read pages from this book courtesy of

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