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The timeline established by T2: Infiltrator

This timeline collects all the events from the S.M. Stirling novel trilogy begun in T2: Infiltrator, continued in T2: Rising Storm, and concluded in T2: The Future War.

  • November 13, 1965
    • Sarah J. Connor is born.[1]
  • 1981
    • Dennis Reese is born
  • May, 1984
    • 01:52:00 A terminator, T-800 arrives from the future to kill Sarah Connor.[2]
    • 02:01:00 Kyle Reese arrives from the future, to protect Sarah.[2]
    • Kyle Reese succeeds in destroying the terminator, but dies himself.[2]
    • Some parts from the terminator are left behind at the Cyberdyne facilities.[3]
  • February 28, 1985
    • John Connor is born with Kyle Reese as his father.[4]
    • Cyberdyne starts researching and developing of robot technology and from the parts of the terminator.[5]
    • Sarah was placed at a mental institution after trying to blow up a computer factory and telling about the soon to come, Judgment Day.[5]
    • John are taking care of by the foster family Todd and Janelle Voight.[5]
  • June 8, 1995
    • 03:14:00 The terminator T-800 arrives to protect John Connor.[6]
    • 04:58:00 The terminator T-1000 arrives to kill John Connor.[6]
    • The terminator T-800 succeeds to protect John Connor, destroys the terminator T-1000 and releases Sarah Connor from the mental institution.[5]
    • Death of Miles Dyson, the Cyberdyne scientist destined to become the creator of Skynet[5]
    • Sarah and John destroy the remaining parts and the terminator T-800.[5]
    • Sarah and John hide from the government in Paraguay.[7]
    • Sarah collects weapons and train John in warfare.[citation needed]

Present day events of T2: Infiltrator commence

  • 2001
    • The I-950 Serena Burns arrives from the future and infiltrates Cyberdyne.[7]
    • John and Sarah Connor encounter Dieter von Rossbach in Paraguay.
    • Serena Burns begins creating Series 800 terminators in the present using a Secret Terminator Lab.[7]
    • Serena Burns directs Two to secure suitable surrogates and establishes an Infiltrator creche in a remote Montana cabin.
    • Clea Bennet and Alissa are created via the I-950 parthenogenesis protocol.

Present day events of T2: Rising Storm commence

  • December, 2002
    • Skynet achieves sentience at the hands of John Connor, Wendy Dorset, and Clea Bennet.
    • Clea Bennet is terminated by John Connor and Dieter von Rossbach

Present day events of T2: The Future War commence

  • 2003
    • Skynet begins installing remote interfaces in all machines being produced or upgraded in automated factories and begins manufacturing its mechanical armies.
  • 2005
    • Judgment Day
    • Skynet begins a 2-month long rash of increasingly brutal killings, utilizing vehicles built in automated factories to cause horrific accidents.
    • The Connors identify the signs of Skynet's attack as the harbinger of the coming apocalypse. They deliver a final warning to all who may listen to flee to the wilderness and prepare for the attack.
    • En-masse uprisings of machines created in automated factories and systems under Skynet's control herd humans into cities for easier targeting.
    • Defense Computers deliver initial nuclear strikes worldwide from the limited post-cold war arsenals.
    • Full scale production of Terminators and HKs begin as automated factories are retrofitted
    • Luddite sympathizers infiltrating and operating under the guise of the Army and National Guard begin herding survivors into concentration camps for orderly extermination with controlled viral outbreaks.
  • 2006
    • Sarah Connor convinces Captain Thaddeus Chu to join the Resistance with his ship, the Ohio Class Nuclear Submarine USS Roosevelt and crew, including 100 Navy SEALS.
    • Dennis Reese marries Mary Shea, Kyle Reese is born later that year.
    • John Connor (age 21) identifies Dennis Reese (age 25), commander of the Ozark Redoubt as his grandfather when reviewing reports from resistance cells.
  • 2013
    • Kyle Reese (age 7) and Mary Shea are captured by Luddite Patrol A-36 under the command of Sam Marshall AS-783490 and delivered to a Death camp to serve as slaves.
  • 2016
    • John Connor and Dennis Reese lead an assault against the Luddite extermination camp where Mary Shea and Kyle Reese are being held.
    • Kyle Reese (age 10) watches both his parents killed by a terminator during the assault on the camp. John Connor comes to him out of the smoke and says Come with me if you want to live.
    • John places Kyle in the care of Jack Brock
    • Skynet executes a Second Judgment Day, utilizing the 1/3 of the nuclear arsenal it had held in reserve.
    • Earth suffers a nuclear winter
  • 2021
    • Lisa Weinbaum is captured by Skynet and incorporated into the I-950 development program
    • The Serena Burns unit is born in a Skynet Infiltrator Creche
  • 2023
    • Kyle Reese (age 17) begins serving in the field for the Resistance alongside his childhood buddy, Jesse
  • 2025
    • The Serena Burns unit undergoes growth acceleration and begins stage 2 development and training with the body of pre-teen.
    • John Connor gives the Picture of Sarah Connor to Sgt. Kyle Reese (age 19)
  • 2028
    • The Serena Burns unit undergoes final growth acceleration and all cybernetic implants and network capability are brought fully online.
    • Serena is equipped with an internal explosive device and assigned to infiltrate the Resistance.
  • 2029
    • Serena's assassination mission is revoked and she is reassigned to a temporal operation with the objective of ensuring the genesis of Skynet.
    • John Connor (age 42) leads an assault on a contested Skynet stronghold conducting temporal experiments in the Los Angeles basin for Operation Chrono
    • Skynet sends a terminator T-800 back in time to kill Sarah.[8]
    • Skynet sends a terminator T-1000 back in time to kill John Connor.[9]
    • Skynet sends the Serena Burns unit back in time to insure its Genesis.[10]
    • John Connor asks for a volunteer and sends back Kyle Reese (age 23), to protect Sarah.[8]
    • John Connor orders Snog to reprogram a captured T-800 to send back to protect his younger self in 1995.[9]
    • Sarah Connor is still alive at this time, aged 64.


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