TS-300a endo

The TS-300 Endoskeleton

The TS-300 is a stealth Infiltrator featuring ceramic endoskeletons and personality transfer software to create undetectable one-off copies of real human beings.

Designed in the MIR Research Complex on the Kolya peninsula, and equipped with a ceramic endoskeleton mimicking human weight and structure for scans, complete organ systems and "tru-life" pheremones able to pass animal detection. The improved musculature with faster reactions and stronger than T-8xx. Each TS-300 is equipped with the EM sensor masking/stealth unit which enables these TS-300 to defeat other electronic detection systems as well. Personality transfer software from captive humans for a full infiltration capability by replacing specific humans. Earlier models had personality conflicts with MIR/Skynet directives, allowing original human personalities to override, resulting in terminators who believe they are the humans they were templated from, since overcome with more stringent programming.

It utilizes revolutionary Stealth Infiltrator Personality (S.I.P.) transfer software mapped from captive humans for a full infiltration capability by replacing specific individuals.

The Series TS-300 was discovered during a Spetsnaz rescue/raid in eastern Siberia.

Stealth Terminator

Early models had significant personality conflicts with MIR/SKYNET directives, allowing an original human personality to override the terminator, resulting in units who believe they are the humans they were templated from.

Sergey Pavlichenko, the leader of the Spetsnaz cell, discovers these TS-300s is the escaped "Beta test" prototype of these malfunctioning models. These defective units and believes that it escaped a MIR Concentration Camp after capture and torture and work against the machines for humanity. However, sufficient damage to a Beta model can shatter its skewed world view and allow the MIR/Skynet infiltrator protocols to reassert dominance, converting the unit back into a terminator for the machines.

Alpha models have since overcome the personality instability issues with more stringent programming of the override protocols. Within 100ms a TS-300 can assert dominance over an upstart personality template, purging it if required.

TS-300's are strictly limited in production quantities as they are intended to replace targeted individuals. Multiple copies of the same template are detrimental to infiltration success.

TS-300's are capable of wireless communication with both MIR and Skynet HK and terminator units on discrete channels. MIR only releases nominal control of TS-300's to Skynet during joint operations, leaving them able to pursue MIR's unique agenda in opposition to Skynet covertly. Skynet is suspicious of, but underestimates the threat posed by TS-300's in the field.

Known Series TS-300 Stealth Terminators

Model Alpha
Model Beta


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