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Composed by Marco Beltrami, Brad Fiedel, and Mia Julia Schettino. Performed by The Hollywood Studio Symphony, Buck Sanders, Mia Julia Schettino, Dillon Dixon.

Track Listing

  1. A Day In The Life
  2. Hooked On Multiphonics
  3. Blonde Behind The Wheel
  4. JC Theme
  5. Starting T1
  6. Hearse Rent A Car
  7. TX's Hot Tail
  8. Graveyard Shootout
  9. More Deep Thoughts
  10. Dual Terminator
  11. Kicked In The Can
  12. Magnetic Personality
  13. Termina-Tricks
  14. Flying Lessons
  15. What Do You Want On Your Tombstone?
  16. Terminator Tangle
  17. Radio
  18. T3
  19. The Terminator Tangle
  20. Open To Me
  21. I Told You

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