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Terminator Genisys: Revolution' is a 2015 video game made for iOS and Android, developed by Glu Games Inc. It follows up to the events of the Future War in Terminator Genisys.



Alex Lopez, a prisoner in the camp in New York, is given weapons by a unknown prisoner, who is part of the Resistance. Lopez helps the prisoners escape and joins the fight with the Resistance against the Machines.



The game is a third person view. It is a shoot and cover on rails game and features three types of missions with different weapons: sniper rifle, shotgun and assault rifle.

There are regions to unlock through missions and each region needs a better weapon to be walked-through. Those weapons are available in the shop, while Plasma weapons are unlocked through Spec Ops Missions.


Depleted Uranium Weapons

Depleted Uranium (DU) Weapons are weapons of the past loaded with depleted uranium rounds and used by soldiers in the future.

High Explosive Incendiary Weapons

Depleted Weapons can be upgraded to High Explosive Incendiary (HEI) Weapons, which are powerful DU Weapons with a camouflage.

Assault rifle comes with a yellow lines camouflage and its clip comes with a ammo counter shown on its side; Shotgun comes with a tiger camouflage and the clip also has a ammo counter on the side of the clip; Sniper rifle comes with a tiger camouflage with a purple finish.

Plasma Weapons

Secondary weapons

There are also secondary weapons, including grenade launcher, rocket and EMP Blast.


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