The term "Terminator Ultra-5000" should not be confused with T-5000.

The Terminator Ultra-5000 is a variant of the T-H Hybrid Human, built with the most advanced technology built within the endoskeleton in 2029.

An Ultra-5000 unit can remote control multiple T-800 Terminators as many as possible simultaneously via synchronization.

Known unit


Infiltrator Series
Standard 600 - 799 - 800 (8xx) - 900 (950) - X - 1000 (1001 - 1002 - XA) - 5000
Human Infiltrator I825.M - I-950 - T-H (Ultra-5000) - T-3000
Other types TS-300 - T-900 (TOK715) - Rat robot - Dire Wolf
Outer sheath Rubber skin - Living tissue - Duroplast - Mimetic polyalloy - Machine phase matter
Model (Replacement - Impersonation)

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