Terminator vs. Terminator is an analysis of the critical features and elements of the combat ability and employed tactics of Terminators when brought against themselves. All examples will be cited and explored in detail here. Terminators are shown to be both a versatile weapon for the Resistance, and a tool for Skynet.


Terminators of all Series use techniques suited to the opponent they are facing. If a Terminator is unaware that it is facing another cyborg, it may mistakenly utilize a technique that would be totally effective against an organic. Once the presence of another unit is verified, the methodology must change to accommodate the strengths of the attacker, and the weaknesses of the target. The laws of physics will always apply to the amount of damage the Terminators are able to directly apply to one another. They will also govern many of the advantages and limitations that are opened up when engaged in this kind of confrontation.

  • Mass: Endoskeletons of like Terminator Series are often also of similar weight, with variations in mass generally defined by the addition of the Living tissue. [1] [2] With the revelation that Series 888 Terminators may be stock configured across a wide range of physical dimensions, this becomes much more of a variable. In any case, endoskeletal units all mass much more than humans by the nature of their very construction [3] with special measures required to match human norms. [4]
  • Force: Because the endoskeletons within a Series are all manufactured with identical power supplies and hydraulic actuators, no matter the individual variations in reach, or additional mass of either Endoskeleton weight or Living Tissue sheath, Terminators are nearly uniform in the amount of force they can directly apply to each other. This means that even disparately sized units are evenly matched when subjected to feats of strength, unlike similarly mis-matched humans. However, when endoskeletons of different series clash, usually the higher series has the advantage in the application of Force, due to upgrades in power supply, endoskeletal durability, and/or actuator strength.
  • Style: Outfitted with extensive files on human anatomy, and equipped with their powerful actuators and metal endoskeletons, the Terminators have little use for martial arts as organics understand them, however they are as familiar with the unarmed fighting styles of humanity as they are with our weaponry. While strikes to vital organs and nerve clusters are rendered useless against Terminators, the physical manipulation elements of Ju-jitsu, KravMaga, Judo, and other Combatives techniques provide a useful arsenal for manipulation and redirection of mass through leverage, or joint locks and destruction or restriction of mobility and range of motion. As Terminator production quality increases across the series, their flexibility improves, allowing them to be better Infiltrators, but inversely offering an exploitable vulnerability as the joints have a more shock-absorbent reaction to blows, rather than being able to "tank" through them.
  • Melee: Because of the evenly matched nature of endoskeletons when they must damage each other, the use of melee weapons is the most efficient means by which to gain a physical advantage. With the heavier masses they can lift, and the velocities they can attain, incredibly powerful blows can be delivered, far in excess of simple kicks and strikes.
  • Ranged: The machine precision of the Terminator makes ranged combat an extremely dangerous proposition. The incredibly durable nature of endoskeletons makes normal small arms relatively ineffective, but the Terminator chassis is capable of lifting, and firing accurately, many heavy weapons which humans would struggle to operate. Conventional heavy machine guns, single shot and automatic grenade launchers are among the weapons that when brought to bear on a Terminator, are capable of causing sufficient damage to impair or even destroy an opposing unit. Small arms are still useful, both for the destruction of an infiltration sheath in order to compromise the long term effectiveness of their stealth abilities, but due to the flexible nature of the endoskeleton, can still deliver enough sudden force to throw off aim, or turn a head to break line of sight or disrupt balance.
  • Mimetic polyalloy: Mimetic polyalloy presents a number of unique challenges and options for the Infiltrators so equipped, whether they make up the complete unit as in the T-1000 or the T-1001, or when incorporated as an endoskeleton enhancement, as in the T-X. Center of mass can be shifted at will to bring greater power to blows or to overcome leverage attempts to unseat or move the unit. For the purely liquid metal Terminators, the surface tension can spall ahead of incoming blows to absorb and trap weapons, projectiles, and/or physical strikes. In a classic mimetic-unique maneuver the T-1000 takes a punch to and through the face, morphing to replace the impaled head with a pair of grasping hands, shifting the head out the side and shoulder. This makes the liquid metal opponent a consummate grappler. Additionally, the ability to extrude at will any variety of slashing or stabbing weapons makes close quarters combat an unwelcome proposition. For units like the T-X, the volume of internal mass that can be shifted is also present but diminished, however it makes up for that by virtue of the improved endoskeleton. Capable of a complete torso 180 degree rotation, the unit is more flexible, faster, and stronger than any prior Terminator fielded, and has the added assets of a wide variety of internally mounted weaponry, and releasable nanite control nodes that can spread its influence to other machines, and even other Terminators.


  • Frontal Assault:
  • Deception:
  • Ambush:
  • Capture:
  • Environmental Assets:
  • Self-Destructive Acts:
  • Mimetic Polyalloy:

Assessments: Terminator 2: Judgment Day

T-800 vs T-1000
John Connor captured and subverted a previously antagonistic, endoskeleton based Terminator, T-800 to send back in time via Time Displacement Equipment to protect the pre-teen John and his mother Sarah. Its opponent is a prototype Series 1000 Terminator based on mimetic polyalloy, the T-1000.
Round 1: In the race to respectively protect and kill John Connor, "Uncle Bob" and the T-1000 engage in a running gun battle through the Mall and stormdrains of Los Angeles. While the T-800 is focused on the defense of its primary objective, John, the T-1000 is focused on termination. The T-1000 initially incapacitates the T-800 in the mall when it is aware it cannot possibly destroy the unit. Similarly, unable to directly harm the T-1000, the Endoskeleton later alternatively decides to use environmental factors in its favor, by causing the T-1000 to break off the chase in a fiery truck explosion.
Victor: T-800
Round 2: (Pescadero) With both sides attempting to reach Sarah Connor (the T-1000 to duplicate her and thus gain access to John Connor while John and the T-800 wish to rescue her) both infiltrate Pescadero Hospital, the T-800 swiftly knocking out various orderlies before it and the Connors retreat to the lift as the T-1000 approaches. Combat at this point remains primarily long-range, with the T-800 using its shotgun to delay the T-1000's advance, a close range blast blowing its head apart; subsequent attempts by the T-1000 to attack using blades fail as the protagonists escape in a car. Although the T-1000 is able to catch up with the car, subsequent shotgun blasts from the T-800 at close range result in the T-1000 being shot off the car and forced to abandon pursuit.
Victor: T-800
Round 3: (After Cyberdyne): Having tracked the Connors to Cyberdyne, the T-1000 attempted to pursue them in a stolen truck transporting liquid nitrogen, the Connors possessing only a smaller SWAT van. Although the T-800 is able to retaliate using the guns available in the van, it fails to do sufficient damage to the T-1000 - the Connors at one point being forced to switch to a smaller, slower vehicle after the van is damaged - until the truck is tipped over after arriving in a steel mill. The subsequent release of nitrogen freezes the T-1000 in a solid form, allowing the T-800 to shatter it with a well-placed shot. Although the T-1000 is able to piece itself back together when the heat from the mill causes its components to melt, it is left with slight damage to its shape-shifting ability (or possibly computer corruption), causing its hands and feet to randomly take on the properties of whatever object they are currently in contact with.
Victor: T-800
Terminator t-1000 killing t-800

T-1000 shuts down the T-800.

Round 4: (The Steel Mill): When the T-800 sent the Connors to safety, it engaged the T-1000 in close-quarters, with the latter displaying superior skills in combat and forcing the T-800 into a trap when the cyborg's arm was jammed by a gear. Although the T-800 used a bar to rip its arm away and intercepted the T-1000 again, the latter proceeded to cause significant damage to the T-800 by repeatedly crushing it against a wall with a suspended solid metal girder. The T-800 then collapsed to the ground, attempting to acquire a grenade launcher. The T-1000 began stabbing it with a metal pole until a particularly well-struck blow impaled the T-800, pinning it to the ground and shutting it down temporarily.
Victor: T-1000
Round 5: (The Steel Mill): After seemingly defeating the T-800, the T-1000 then headed to terminate John Connor, but was interrupted by repeated shotgun blasts to the body by Sarah Connor. Each shot blasted the T-1000 towards a pool of molten hot liquid, but Sarah's gun ran out of ammo just before the last shot required. The T-800, at this point had rebooted and reconnected by an alternative line. It arrived just in time to fire an explosive round into the T-1000, heavily disfiguring its mimetic polyalloy frame and almost breaking it into three pieces. Unable to maintain its balance in such a shape, the T-1000 tumbles into the molten pool, which utterly destroys it.
Victor: T-800

Assessments: Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines

T-850 vs T-X
Katherine Brewster captured and subverted a endoskeleton based Terminator, T-850 to send back in time via Time Displacement Equipment to protect the teenage John and other targeted members of the Resistance. Its opponent is a prototype Series T-X mimetic polyalloy/ endoskeleton hybrid Infiltrator, the T-X.
Round 1: (The Pet Hospital): The T-850 momentarily disrupts the T-X by running a truck into it as the T-X was preparing to terminate Katherine Brewster. As the T-850 is distracted by his human objectives due to misunderstanding, the T-X fires a plasma round from its onboard weaponry, damaging one of its power cells and rendering the T-850 offline for a period of time. (Note that the T-850 is specifically constructed to withstand plasma fire, and if it was a T-800 like the one in Terminator 2 that was sent to protect the humans, the T-X would have permanently destroyed the T-800 and moved on to terminate her targets without further intervention.)
Victor: T-X
Round 2: (Graveyard): The T-X, intent on terminating Katherine Brewster, was oblivious to its surroundings and when the T-850 arrives, it charges up its plasma weapon a moment too late, only to be hit by a bazooka fired by the T-850. It quickly recovers nonetheless and pursues its targets who were aboard a hearse, driven by the T-850. It lands on the car and rips off the roof. John Connor slows it down by continuously firing at it, and the T-850 deliberately runs the car underneath a truck, knocking the T-X off and damaging its devastating plasma weapon.
Victor: T-850
Round 3: (Cyber Research Systems): The T-X initially was only intent on terminating General Brewster, and did not expect any heavy resistance, but the T-850 suddenly appears and fires repeatedly with a grenade launcher, knocking the T-X through an elevator vent. Later on in the second encounter, the T-X decides to utilize the T-850 to terminate John Connor by making use of its nanobots, and the two Terminators engage heavily in pure melee. The T-850 and T-X appear to be evenly matched in terms of raw strength, shoving and hurling each other through walls and floors. Due to its superior mass, the T-850 finally traps the T-X in a full body lock, but the T-X twists around with its superior flexibility and fires a flame torch straight into the face of the T-850, possibly causing disruption to its CPU. The T-850 manages to free itself by shocking the T-X with a live cable, but after both Terminators are hurled across the area in opposite directions, it appears that the T-X was almost unaffected by the shock, while the T-850 was rendered helpless. The T-X then knocks its head off to expose the T-850's internal wiring, and proceeds to alter the T-850's directives with its nanobots.
Victor: T-X
Round 4: (Crystal Peak): The T-X had now set its mission objectives solely to terminating John Connor and Kate Brewster. The T-850 had rebooted, reverting the alteration from the T-X's nanobots and was once again intent on preserving the humans. The T-X arrives at Crystal Peak via helicopter, which she carelessly allows to crash. As she began moving towards her targets, the T-850 follows suit, albeit in a much larger helicopter which slides over the wreckage of the first and crushes the T-X which vainly attempted to evade it. The T-850 quoted "I'm back" as it exited from the wreckage and maintained the now closing entry to the facility for the humans by holding it up. The T-X had seemed to lose its mimetic polyalloy covering was trapped beneath the wreckage by its legs and disconnected from its lower limb; it then resorts to crawling after its targets. At one point the T-X managed to grab John Connor's ankle and proceeded to attempt to drag him back but the T-850 snaps the T-X's wrist. The T-X, completely ignoring the T-850, attempted to follow its targets - the T-850 pulls it back and inserts his last remaining fuel cell into the T-X's mouth. The cell detonates, destroying both Terminators.
Victor: Nil (draw)
T-850 vs T-1/HK-Drone
In addition to the threat posed by the T-X, the prototype HK-Drones and Series 1 Non-Humanoid Hunter Killers are unleashed at the Cyber Research Systems facility, subverted to Skynet dominion by the T-X nanobots.
(Cyber Research Systems) The T-850 decides to utilize stealth on one of the two T-1 units, leaping from the ceiling on top of it, twisting its head and disconnecting its CPU from its body. The T-850 then takes one of its mounted gatling guns and fires at the other unit, which only realized the T-850's presence when being shot at. The two exchange fire, before the T-1 is hit with a few rounds on the head.
Victor: T-850

Assessments: Terminator 3: Eyes of the Rise

T-X vs T-1002
The T-1002 was assigned to tactical testing of the Series T-X infiltrator following its development.
T-1002 engaged the T-X in hand to hand combat in the Skynet Central Core, using its mimetic polyalloy components to develop stabbing weapons all across its body. The T-X was able to gain the advantage through a combination attack utilizing her internal buzz saw to remove the spikes and later destroyed T-1002 with a direct impact from her plasma cannon.
KO - T-X victor

Assessments: Terminator 3: War of the Machines

T-850 vs T-900s
Flawless victory - T-850 victor
Note: This is NOT a trailer for Terminator Salvation.

Assessments: Terminator 2: Infinity

Uncle Bob vs T-800s
Uncle Bob vs T-Infinity

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Assessments: Terminator: Revolution

Dire Wolf vs T-800s
The Dire Wolf is surrounded by a group of Series 850 Terminators and HK-Aerials because those machines have no data about the Dire Wolf in their databases. Despite being surrounded and attacked, the Dire Wolf destroy the machines with ease.
Dire Wolf victor
T-Infinity vs T-850s
When chasing Sarah Connor, the T-Infinity prototype runs into a group of Series 850 Terminators. Because those machines have no data about the T-Infinity, they start engage it. However, those machines are destroyed by the T-Infinity.
T-Infinity victor
T-Infinity vs Dire Wolf
The T-Infinity, who is heavily damaged and loose its right arm, get ambushed from behind by the Dire Wolf, a wolf Terminator used to destroy the T-Infinity. The Dire Wolf quickly rips its head with ease.
Flawless Victory - Dire Wolf victor

Assessments: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles pilot episode

Cameron vs Cromartie
Cromartie is a Series 888 Terminator deployed via TDE on a mission to find and terminate John Connor. Cameron is a resistance subverted Terminator of unknown design [5] sent back by John to protect his younger self. The initial battle occurs in the classroom and parking lot of John's high school.
Round 1: Cameron places herself in the line of fire to protect John when Cromartie reveals himself and starts shooting. By using deception, she plays dead allowing Cromartie to dismiss her as a non-threat. This permits her to flank Cromartie unawares and blindside him with a pickup truck at high speed, forcing a sudden severe impact shutdown. Escape is her mission so she takes the 120 second reboot as a TKO and escapes with John.
TKO - Cameron victor
101SCC Cameron vs Cromartie Rd2

Cameron removes disguise as Cromartie gets shot

While John and Cameron make their escape, Sarah is taken prisoner by Cromartie. Setting up a meet at the Connor's house, Cromartie is still unaware that another Terminator has entered the fray and falls prey to a surprise reversal of his prepared ambush.
Round 2: Cameron again uses deception, as Cromartie is as yet unaware of another Terminator opposing him, to again take shots while impersonating John to draw Cromartie into melee. Physically smaller, and therefore massing less, with less reach, Cameron is at a slight disadvantage, however their mechanical frames appear to be evenly matched for power, when able to apply leverage. Both units are able to fling each other around with some ease, up to and including Cameron seizing on a structural weakness in the floor and Cromartie's greater mass to drive them into the basement. There she is able to temporarily disable him again with the direct application of a main power cable for the house (240v main line current). Another reboot ensues, affording a break for the Connors and Cameron to escape again.
TKO - Cameron victor
Round 3: Expecting an attack when visiting the Dyson household, the Connors switch vehicles again and run over Cromartie again with an SUV. Able to take the hit and rapidly recovering, Cromartie then falls prey to the contingency plan, explosives command detonated in the old vehicle. Unable to recover in time, the Connors escape again.
Round 4: (Ranged Combat) As a last ditch effort to evade the pursuit of Cromartie, Cameron leads the Connors to the TDE concealed in a bank. There she also assembles an anti-Terminator isotope weapon from stored components and issues it to Sarah to cover them while she activates the TDE. Firing on him as he rips his way into the vault through the forming time sphere, Cromartie's ravaged body is blasted and his decapitated head ends up joining them in the Time Sphere. Cromartie is offline until his Head and Endoskeleton are reunited in 2007.
KO - Sarah Connor victor; Cameron with the assist

Season 1

"Gnothi Seauton"

102SCC Vick identified Cameron Cyborg

Vick Deep-scans Cameron

Cameron vs Vick Chamberlain
Exploring a Resistance safe house, Cameron is confronted with the Series 888 Terminator, Vick Chamberlain, utilizing stealth to play dead among the bodies while awaiting the last cell member. Melee combat swiftly escalates, again evenly matched for power, ceding the advantage of mass and reach to Vick. Both Terminators end up exiting through the window and Vick opts to reassess his situation with another Terminator present, and chooses retreat. Sarah attempts to head him off with a commandeered motorcycle, bringing him down, but Cameron is unable to retake the advantage when she ends up headfirst through the windshield of a passing car. Vick escapes.
Forfeit - Cameron victor

"Heavy Metal"

Cameron vs Carter
Pursuing Carter to Depot 37, Cameron prepares to assault the unit in standby before it can reboot in 15 seconds. John has changed the plan and is attempting to steal the truck full of coltan. Cameron seizes the initiative quickly before Carter reactivates, with a body throw but is unable to distract, disable, or restrain Carter once he gets his hands on a bar of coltan. Beating her severely with the bar, Carter is able to maneuver to stop the truck, and overpowers the engine, forcing the truck back. Sarah intervenes with a distracting shotgun blast to the face, disrupting Carter's traction, allowing the fully laden truck to overrun him. Cameron has time to activate the bunker doors and flee with the key, trapping Carter inside in an undetermined state of damage (the most severe of which was applied by the truck).
Technicality - Carter victor

"Queen's Gambit"

Cameron vs Vick Chamberlain

Cameron and Sarah Connor hijack the prison van that carries Derek Reese as part of a rescue attempt. Vick Chamberlain, having allowed himself to be arrested in order to infiltrate the jail where Reese was being held, appears behind them and begins pursuit. Sarah hands Cameron an MP5 submachine gun and tells her to get rid of Vick. She unleashes a full barrage, but Vick does not even pause in his advance, and manages to get onto the truck. Here they engage in melee, in which Cameron slams Vick into the walls of the van hard enough to cause it to swerve, while Sarah fights to keep it under control. She eventually manages to send him partially through one of the panels, and pins him down while his head and left arm are hanging out of the vehicle. Sarah assists with a quick swerve over to a truck carrying materials, scraping his head and exposing the chip housing on his skull. Vick attempts to grab onto one of the chains, only to lose his left hand.

The van stops when John Connor meets up with them in the jeep, and they begin to make their getaway. John wonders where Cameron is, and Derek tells him to forget about her. At this point, Vick kicks Cameron through the back doors of the van, onto the ground, then kicks her in the torso hard enough to force a momentary shutdown. With Cameron momentarily down for the count, Vick grabs a pistol and fires, but not before Cameron reactivates and hits him in the back of the knee with the van's exhaust pipe, throwing off his aim. However, it still hits Derek in the right lung. She then proceeds to beat him into submission with the pipe, wrapping it around his head and physically restraining him. She calls over for a toolbox, using a screwdriver to remove the protective plating over the chip, then pliers to extract the chip itself. As the chip is taken from its housing, Vick's eyes glow red one last time, before powering down for good.

KO - Cameron victor

"Dungeons & Dragons"

Cameron vs The Rogue
When The Rogue attacks Depot II, Cameron comes to the rescue of Derek Reese to put down the rampaging Terminator. Cameron seizes the initiative quickly with a powerful KravMaga twin-palm strike used to catapult the other unit straight through a half-foot thick bunker wall. This is possible because of the combination of the whole-body delivery of the Military Combatives maneuver with the hydraulic rams of the Terminator's internal actuators. Immediately switching from Style to Ranged Cameron fires a M-79 grenade launcher point-blank into the prone unit terminating it.
Flawless Victory - Cameron victor

Season 2

"Automatic for the People"

Cameron vs Carl Greenway (Terminator)
KO - Cameron victor

"The Tower Is Tall But the Fall Is Short"

Cameron vs Rosie
Round 1: Cameron struck first, initiating a fight between the two, which at first appeared to be an even conflict of strikes and slams but Cameron quickly established her superiority over Rosie. With a powerful thrust-kick from Cameron, Rosie was catapulted completely down the hallway and back against the elevator bank they had both just rode up in. Isolating Rosie inside the lift, Cameron tried various joint-locks to dislocate Rosie's arms, but she proved to be remarkably flexible and was able to mostly overcome and counter Cameron's forced contortions, threatening Cameron with mostly direct damage assaults augmented by attempts at joint damage. The environment of the elevator was used to good effect by both units as a means to limit maneuverability and as a hard surface for striking their opponent against. Cameron suffered some joint damage and Rosie's living tissue sheath was severely compromised about her face.
No Result - Both machine stop the battle for seconds
The fight came to an unexpected halt, however, as both machines sought anonymity in the presence of humans. Taking a moment to effect limited self repairs, both units worked to reset their dislocated shoulders and conceal their mechanical natures from the clueless humans.
Round 2: Once they were gone, they resumed their fight, resulting in Cameron forcing Rosie to the floor in a corner, who tried to retaliate by wrapping her legs around Cameron. Cameron turned this against her, however, and forced Rosie's own heel into her left eye before proceeding to contort her body in such a way that she was no longer a threat. Using superior leverage, Cameron was able to trap all of Rosie's limbs within themselves and had the force necessary to prevent Rosie from powering out of the lock. Cameron then broke her neck, effectively cutting off direct control from Rosie's Neural Net CPU to her endoskeleton. Cameron would later try to remove Rosie's chip, only for it to self-destruct upon removal, a new feature for Terminators that suggests Skynet's desperation to prevent reprogramming in the future.
Pyrrhic Victory - Cameron victor

"Brothers of Nablus"

Cromartie vs James Ellison (Terminator)
Cromartie ambushes the Ellison Terminator when it arrives at the agents house to effect his termination and replacement. Striking with a long metal bar from behind, he impales the unit when it was distracted by confirming its designated target. Swiftly ripping the bar back out, Cromartie then thrust his hand completely through other Terminator's back ripping the power cell out the front of the unit.
Cromartie - Flawless Victory

"Mr. Ferguson is Ill Today"


Cromartie's last stand.

Cromartie&#039;s end

Cromartie's final vision.

Cameron vs Cromartie
Cromartie pursues John Connor into the small Mexico town of his childhood upon release of Connor's information into the Interpol network. Bringing Sarah along as a potential asset, and aware that Cameron is operating with a damaged chip, he is confident that he will be able to achieve his primary mission, the termination of John Connor. Further reassured of the logic inherent in his preservation of Agent Ellison as an asset, Cromartie follows Ellison after he comes out into the abandoned street to get a first aid kit from the trunk of his car.
Round 5: (Ranged Combat) With the Connors, Derek, Cameron, and Agent Ellison linked up in Mexico, they use Cromartie's fixation on Ellison to bait the unit into a trap. In a Sergio Leone-esque epic gun battle in a rustic church, Cromartie is ambushed by a crossfire of precise direct small arms fire provided by Sarah and Derek. This allows Cameron to position herself to deliver repeated short range shots to the head with depleted uranium shotgun slugs, rapidly penetrating and destroying the components contained inside the left side of Cromarties head. Severely damaged, to the point of near complete immobilization (his empty trigger fingers were on "automatic") Cromartie's Terminator protocols were forced offline (indicated by the lack of a Terminator HUD in his last moments). As his opponents gathered around the fallen Terminator, Cromartie's last input was the sight of John Connor putting a bullet into his breached cranium at point blank range, forcing him permanently offline. Cameron then extracted the primary CPU and delivered it to Sarah who promptly crushed it on a rock with a rifle butt.
KO - John Connor victor; Cameron with the Takedown

"Self Made Man"

Cameron vs Myron Stark
Cameron discovers Stark's hiding place in the building he constructed.
She destroys the wall and find him to be "awake". She takes his Tommy Gun and pulls it away, shooting him up but doing little to no damage. The two engage in a shoving match, with Cameron having the upper hand. Eventually she throws him down an elevator shaft. Myron starts to climb back out, grabbing Cameron by the foot. Cameron grabs the elevator's line, pulling it down onto Myron and trapping him partially in the shaft. Then she (presumably) pulls out and destroys his chip.
KO - Cameron victor

"Alpine Fields"

Cameron vs The Fields Terminator
Round 1: The two Terminators stalk each other through the woods. Cameron is thrown through a window into the house. She had been deactivated.
KO - The Fields Terminator victor
Round 2: The fight is not shown, but Sarah Connor tells Derek that Cameron has take care of the Fields Terminator on the phone.
KO - Cameron victor

"Adam Raised a Cain"

Cameron vs Water Delivery Guy
In order to rescue Savannah Weaver, John, Sarah, Derek, and Cameron arrive Weaver's house, only to confront a Terminator disguises itself as a water delivery guy.
In the end of the fight, Cameron toss the Water Delivery Guy out of the balcony, making him fall from the hill.
Cameron victor

"Born to Run"

Catherine Weaver vs Water Delivery Guy

Catherine confronts the Water Delivery Guy in the parking lots underneath the Zeira Corporation building. The T-888 confirms her identity by stating her name, then fires numerous rounds into her. Catherine is undaunted, merely staring at her "wounds" as the polyalloy repairs itself. She then extends her right arm into a long stabbing weapon, pinning the Water Delivery Guy against his car. With her left arm, she penetrates a nearby circuit enclosure, causing high voltage to conduct through her polyalloy and into the T-888, effectively short circuiting him.

Flawless Victory - Catherine Weaver victor
Weaver Confronts Terminator

Assessments: Terminator Salvation

Marcus Wright vs T-RIP
Marcus Wright was a Hybrid, essentially half-human, half-Prototype Infiltrator. His opponent is a prototype Series 800 Terminator who tries to kill John Connor, the T-RIP (Terminator, Resistance Infiltrator Prototype). Marcus battles the Prototype T-800 in the Terminator Factory.
Round 1: In order to save John Connor, who is being attacked by a prototype T-800 Terminator, Marcus tackles the Terminator from behind and is strong enough, at one point in the fight, to literally pick up the T-800 and throw it several feet away. He then grapples with the T-800 and drags it away from John. Since the T-800 is primarily concerned with terminating John, it does not focus on the fight with Marcus and allows him to smash it against various surfaces. Marcus then grabs a steel bar and bats the the Terminator with it several times. However, the T-800 grabbed Marcus' right wrist in mid-swing and punches him across the floor. The Terminator starts to toss him around and uses a cinder block to smash Marcus against a steel column. It then scans Marcus' body and sees his human heart, identifying it as a point of vulnerability, at which point it hits his chest with tremendous force. The T-800's strength is sufficient to stop his heart.
Victor - T-RIP
Round 2: John Connor uses a power cable to give Marcus an electric shock and successfully revives him. However, John is impaled through his chest from the back with a steel bar by the T-800, which was previously weakened by a combination of molten steel and liquid nitrogen. Marcus becomes enraged, breaking the steel bar and ramming it though the neck of the Terminator, decapitating it with ease.
Flawless Victory - Marcus victor

T-800 prototype Head

Assessments Terminator Genisys

T-800 (Pops) vs T-800 (T1)

The Guardian/ Pops is an aging endoskeleton-based T-800 sent back in time to protect Sarah Connor. Its enemy is a Series 800 in perfect condition.

When the original T-800 from the first movie approaches three gangsters to demand clothing, in a re-enactment of a scene from the original movie, Pops confronts him, revealing that he knew that the original T-800 was coming to terminate Sarah Connor. Pops starts blasting his opponent with a shotgun while it charges at him. The original T-800 is only slightly staggered by the shotgun rounds and only loses some of his external flesh. When the original T-800 reaches Pops, Pops strikes him in the head with the shotgun and begins to engage him with his fists. The original T-800 retaliates, catching Pops' right wrist and snapping it. The T-800's then enter a close-quarters duel in which they throw and grapple each other. The original T-800 gains the upper hand very quickly, due to the fact that Pops has been active in the past for over 10 years without receiving proper maintenance, while the original T-800 was in pristine condition. The original T-800 then beats Pops down, causing Pops to fall to the floor, but before the former could finish the latter, it was ironically incapacitated by Sarah Connor, who snipes the original T-800 with a .50 caliber Barrett sniper rifle, disabling it with a shot to the chest.

Victor: Original T-800/ Sarah Connor

T-800 (Pops) vs T-3000 (John Connor)

John Connor, having been transformed into a T-3000, gets into a brawl with Guardian, the latter having had no repairs or maintenance for a substantial time frame.

John Connor, due to being forcibly transformed into an extremely advanced terminator model, while Pops had been active for over 30 years without proper maintenance, is clearly at an extreme advantage over his opponent. The T-800 was temporarily able to hold John back by punching him with magnetic gloves, exploiting the T-3000's magnetic weakness. Eventually, John managed to use his greater speed to evade Pops' strike and retaliate. John beats Pops repeatedly using his greater speed, knocking Pops down. Pops then grabs a large laser projector and strikes John with it, however, John quickly recovers and strikes Pops with both fists, sending him flying around 60 feet away. As Pops gets up to strike John with his magnetic glove, John uses his polyalloy sword-arm to rip off Pops' arm. John then grabs Pops by the neck with his right arm and easily throws him around 50 feet away. As Pops, who was extremely damaged in the fight, reached for his magnetic weapon, John managed to easily stop him, ending the fight. Overall, John had both an enormous speed and strength advantage over Pops, giving Pops virtually no chance of winning a fair fight.

Victor: Original T-800/ Sarah Connor/ Kyle Reese

Assessments (Novels)

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Assessments (Comics)

The Terminator: Tempest

I825.M vs T-800s

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The Terminator: Secondary Objectives

I825.M vs C890.L
C890.L vs Z000.M

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Assessments: The Terminator: Hunters and Killers

Sergi Pavlichenko vs Pavlichenko Unit
Pavlichenko Unit vs Skynet Endoskeletons

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Assessments: Games

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  1. The Z000.M (a female Series 800 Terminator) is stated by the comic narration to weigh 400 lbs (about 182 kg).
  2. The C890.L (a male Series 800 Terminator) is stated by Mary to weigh about 500 lbs (about 227 kg). This could be inaccurate, since she is guessing at the weight.
  3. The T-850 in [[Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (film)|]] is far heavier than expected by the firemen who attempt to pick him up
  4. The TS-300 of The Terminator: Hunters and Killers utilizes a special ceramic endoskeleton and other stealth materials to reduce mass to human norms and defeat a potential detection measure.
  5. Possibly the bottom end of the Series 888 physical range, but still unidentified or confirmed.