The Battle of Avila Beach

The Battle of Kansas Bunker

The War Against the Machines (SCC Timeline)


Sometime between 2021 - 2027


Los Angeles





The Battle of Kansas Bunker was a battle in The War Against the Machines (SCC Timeline) that took place sometime between 2021 - 2027. John Connor and 39 other Resistance members were taken from Kansas Bunker and being sent to Century Work Camp. Martin Bedell was in command of the Hammerhead Bunker during the battle. There was a large HK-Tank variant called the "Ogre" that was heading toward the bunkers of Resistance who are fighting in the battle, along with many Series 888s to escort the prisoner convoy of three "monkey wagons" to the Century Work Camp for processing. Derek wanted the fighters to observe Skynet's movement and report regularly as ordered. Bedell, at Kyle Reese's urging, deliberately disobeyed orders by instead planning to attack the convoy and rescue the prisoners. Martin gathered all of the Resistance fighters together from the underground complex below for a plan. Kyle Reese was sent out in charge of the team to try to free the prisoners. The Resistance members planted a number of E.F.P.s (explosives) along the road along the route to Century, intending to destroy the HK. Accidentally, one of the E.F.P.s was hit and caused a chain reaction resulting in all of them going off, with none left but an extra in the Hammerhead Bunker. With Kyle pined down outside, and as the Ogre closed on the Hammerhead Bunker, Bedell volunteers himself for a suicidal mission to run out to place the last E.F.P. He successfully eliminated the HK with the sacrifice of his life. Derek and Kyle were then able to rescue all of the prisoners.


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