The Bedell Terminator was a Series 888 Terminator[1] sent from the future by Skynet to terminate Martin Bedell, with a secondary mission to terminate John Connor.

Following a systematic and direct approach identical to that of the original Terminator, the Terminator began systematically terminating all the Martin Bedells in Los Angeles.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Season 2

The Bedell Terminator was assigned to terminate Martin Bedell, an influential member of the Resistance who directly helped John Connor with the creation of Tech-Com after the initial breakout from Century Work Camp.

The Terminator's linear approach took it first to the backyard barbecue of Mr. Martin Bedell, and later to the house of young Marty Bedell. Sarah Connor and Cameron rescued the second target. Following up on the third and final Bedell, the Terminator discovered his location at Presidio Alto and proceeded there to complete its mission.

Ignoring the rest of the members of Bedell's squad, the Terminator walked straight into the prepared ambush of Derek Reese. Firing a Raufoss Mark 211 round into his head sparked the Terminator into pursuit of Reese. After being led into another ambush of Claymore mines, the Terminator was downed for a moment. When a shocked Martin Bedell fell trying to escape, John Connor revealed himself to the machine, initiating an instant priority target override. Pursuing John Connor deeper into the woods, the Terminator was led onto a narrow plank over a tar pit. Precariously balanced, the Terminator fell prey to three rapid shots from Derek's Barrett .50 caliber sniper rifle and fell into the pit. Caught in the tar, the unit was terminated by a point blank shot with another HEI/AP round that took off the entire right half of the head, including the Neural Net CPU housing. The endoskeleton was then disposed of by dropping a thermite charge into the pit with it, melting it as it sank into the burning tar.


Behind the Scenes

  • The unit is simply credit as the Triple-Eight.
  • Patrick Kilpatrick, who was also in the 1984 film The Terminator as one of the punks in the opening scene, the actor of the Bedell Terminator, played a Tactical Education Unit in the film Class of 1999. The Tactical Education Units were human-like androids which had been programmed to teach and were supplied with weapons to handle discipline problems.
  • The termination of the Bedell Terminator marks the first instance in either the movie or television series, that a Terminator is terminated using a conventional (albeit very large) firearm. Previous terminations involved either futuristic weapons, explosives, or industrial machinery.
  • The Bedell Terminator's mission bears a similarity to T-800's mission in the film The Terminator, such as:
    • There are two other persons sharing the same name with the target in a certain region.
    • At least one innocent person is killed.
    • One of the Reese brothers participated in the mission to protect the targets respectively. The Reese brother already knew what the targets looks like.
    • The target eventually learned why they are being targeted.




  1. Though not actually verified, Derek explicitly states that it is a "Triple 8".
  2. Official podcast for the episode "Goodbye to All That".

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