The Machine is a Series 800 Terminator activated by Skynet in response to an incursion by the Resistance cell led by Colonel Mary Randall into a fully functional Skynet network complex six months after John Connor destroyed the Master Control central node.


The Terminator: Endgame

Upon maturation, this unit was immediately deployed via a secondary TDE, located far to the north in Canada, to reinforce C890.L and Z000.M in countering the human offensive. The Terminator: Endgame issue 1

Because of alterations to the timeline, computer records survived to give Skynet the time and place John Connor would be born, in Odessa, Texas on October 4th, 1984. This unit was deployed for the exclusive mission of ensuring the termination of Sarah Connor at the point of her greatest vulnerability, childbirth. The only forces standing in its way are Mary Randall and her new companion, Detective Mark Sloan. The Terminator: Endgame issue 3


  • Infiltration protocol: To locate and terminate Sarah Connor in the maternity ward of the hospital in Odessa, Texas.
    • Secondary Objective: Counter human offensive. Contacting previously deployed units.
      • C890.L = Negative contact. Assessment - Terminated
      • C850.D = Negative contact. Assessment - Terminated
      • HC875.S = Negative contact. Assessment - Terminated
      • I825.M = Contact. Assessment - Defective
        • Override human personality complete. Target for termination = Mary Randall.
      • Z000.M = Negative contact. Assessment - Terminated
Transition complete, locate clothing, weapons, and transportation to mission objective.
Nearest settlement = RCMP Training Facility, Fort Providence, Northwest Territories, Canada. Terminate all humans, secure required equipment.