The Terminator Collectible Card Game is a trading card game put out by Precedence Entertainment. Players can get starter decks representing either Skynet or the Resistance. Booster packs have random cards in them; each starter deck comes with one booster pack.


The goal of the game is to kill the other player's time-traveling main characters, or to fulfill your mission. The Skynet mission is to terminate enough supporting characters to change the future. The Resistance mission is to protect enough supporting characters to save the future. Players can also fight in the future using more advanced weaponry.

In addition to cards representing characters, players must also play "location cards". These represent territory over which players can travel. As the locations connect, players can pursue each other's characters over each other's territory.

If a player terminates or protects 10 points worth of historical importance printed on Supporting Character cards, than they win the game.


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