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The War Against The Machines (SCC Timeline) is the future war that takes place after Judgment Day in 2011. It involved the human Resistance led by John Connor against the machines made by Skynet. It is sometimes referred to as War of The Machines, The Future War, or simply The War.

The War

Judgment Day was on April 21, 2011, 2 days after Skynet was activated. Many human lives were lost. The survivors later had to face the war. Many of the survivors were rounded up in camps for orderly disposal. Some of them were kept and used in Skynet Work Camps as slaves of Skynet, and were branded with a barcode. John Connor, Martin Bedell and Kyle Reese were imprisoned at Century Work Camp in 2015 and they escaped in 2021. John and Martin created the Resistance by 2027. The Resistance used the Seranno Point nuclear power plant in Los Angeles as their main power source. Corporal Derek Reese and Kyle Reese were involved in the rescue of John Connor and 39 other prisoners from Kansas Bunker after an HK-Tank managed to breach the security to allow the machines access. Their commander Martin Bedell gave his life to save the prisoners.



The Battle of Avila Beach


The Battle of Kansas Bunker

106SCC TSCC HK-VTOL strafes Derek2

Derek Reese on a recon mission

2027 was a major year in the war and many important things happened. By 2027, reprogrammed terminators were common, and Connor had at least one in every major bunker. Also a group known as the Grays were humans that helped Skynet. They raided a bunker and took Resistance fighters to teach T-888s to act human. Later, in 2027, Derek and Kyle were on a recon mission with their squad. They were separated and captured by Skynet. They were all branded with barcodes. There, Derek found out the William Wisher was really Andy Goode, who actually created Skynet, but felt terrible for it and never intended it to be like it turned out. Skynet lets them free for an unknown reason. When they get back to their base, they find the Terminators have located and attacked it. When Derek searches for survivors, he cannot find his brother Kyle (since at this point Kyle went back in time to protect Sarah Connor from the T-800). Other Resistance fighters then arrive and inform them that the bunker had indeed been attacked, but that Derek's brother and John Connor had been fighting a battle in Topanga Canyon for a Skynet research facility at the time. Kyle went on a secret mission with Connor inside the newly secured facility and he was never heard from again while Connor had returned. They all headed back to the new Resistance base to demand answers from John Connor. At the resistance base, there are reprogrammed Terminators there. Sometime later, a reprogrammed terminator malfunctions and starts killing people in the base. Cameron Phillips, an other reprogrammed terminator destroys it, telling Derek that sometimes reprogrammed Terminators inexplicably "go bad."

Time Traveling Missions


  • 2027 - Connor sent back Kyle Reese to protect Sarah Connor in 1984.
  • 2027 - Cameron Phillips was sent to protect John Connor in 1999
  • 2027 - a group of Resistance fighters led by Derek Reese to 2007 to pave the way and support other resistance missions. Derek co-opted his instructions and set them instead to gather intel and if possible eliminate Barbara Chamberlain, Andy Goode, and other potential contributors and try to stop Skynet from ever being created.
  • Wells was sent to 2007 back at some point, to stop Carl Greenway from destroying the Seranno Point nuclear power plant, and point the way to other targets and allies for the Connors.



There were a large amount of conflicts of various types throughout the war.

Associated Events


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