Tommygun 63

Tommy Gun with drum Magazine

The Thompson SMG (or "Tommy Gun") is an American submachine gun designed in World War I by General John T. Thompson and made (in)famous in the prohibition era. Due to its high capacity "drum" magazine, which allowed a single shooter to clear a room fairly quickly, it was popular with law enforcement and mobsters alike[1].

The Thompson achieved most of its early notoriety in the hands of Prohibition and Depression-era gangsters and in Hollywood films, most notably in the St. Valentine's Day Massacre. It was often referred to as the "gun that made the twenties roar".



With box magazine

  • Cartridge: .45 ACP
  • Weight: 10.6-10.8 lbs. (depending on exact model)
  • Length: 32-33.5 in. (depending on model)
  • Action: Blowback
  • ROF: 600-1200 rounds/min.
  • Feed System: 20 or 30 round box, 50 or 100 round drum magazine

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles


Cybernetic wiseguy Myron Stark wields a Thompson SMG during a 1920s bank robbery

SCC DVD Special PlasmaBank concept2

The Isotope weapon uses Thomson SMG parts

The isotope weapon, stored at a certain point after 1963, uses parts from the Thomson SMG. Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles pilot episode

Myron Stark used a Tommy Gun during his bank heists and for his planned assassination of the Californian governour. Cameron later uses that weapon on him. "Self Made Man"



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