In Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles episode "The Turk", a series of three doors resembling trompe-l'œil graffiti were painted on the walls at Campo de Cahuenga High School. The graffiti appeared over the course of the first day of school.

Each door had more letters printed on it, presumably spelling out a name or title:

A young student named Jordon Cowan was traumatized by the graffiti. Her reaction implied that the graffiti depicted scenes in which she took part. Jordon eventually committed suicide.


  • There is some speculation that IDAN may be a part of the word "guidance counselor", suggesting that the girl was having an affair with her guidance counselor. This fits with the letters being on an office door, suggesting that the letters were the name or title of a school official.
    • It's possible, going off of this, that someone was mentally torturing Jordon, by having the letters slowly spell out "guidance counselor" as the door opens gradually on the graffiti. It's unknown why, but it may have been black mail, or, going into a more speculative position, someone from the future trying to kill her.
  • IDAN may also be part of the name AIDAN.
  • The letters move from the top of the door window (in the first two graffiti) to the bottom of the door window in the last one.
  • Others have theorized that the graffiti may have been an attempt to call attention to the situation without fear of retribution. By painting insinuating images, they may have hoped to have the administration step in, while not becoming a "snitch".


Mr. Harris: What did she say when you did talk to her?
Mr. Harris: I mean, was it something upsetting for you to hear?
Cameron: She said... (in the same frantic manner as Jordon) You saw it right? Right? You saw it?! It's so freaking big and right out there!
Mr. Harris: (beat) She was talking about the graffiti?
Cameron: (monotone) It's freaking big.
Mr. Harris: Yes. Yes it is.
Cameron: And no.
Mr. Harris: No?
Cameron: No, it was not upsetting for me to hear it.
"Queen's Gambit"

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