The Tubular Corporation is an Italian megacorporation that was active in the 20th and 21st centuries. They are a front for arms dealers and speculators such as Lavigne and Venson, who are major shareholders in the company.

Like their American equivalent Cyberdyne Systems, they excel in the fields of robotics and time travel, and are heavily involved in the arms trade. The Tubular Corporation is considerably more malevolent than Cyberdyne, and their machines are much more primitive: Crude, hostile biomechanical abominations, compared to the sleek skeletal machines of Cyberdyne. However, they have also managed to construct human-like cyborgs in a limited quantity, known as "Replicants".

In the year 2000, the city of Venice was polluted by the company from an underground complex they ran beneath the city, to manipulate prices for real estate. In the process, the city was evacuated and the complex was overrun by their own creations, and the complex's employees were killed or transformed into machines.

One employee named Samuel Fuller was dispatched to Venice to oversee the subsequent investigation by a team of scientists and soldiers of the causes of the pollution. Secretly, however, Fuller was a Replicant programmed to protect the company's secrets, and quickly began killing off members of the team after they discovered his true identity, and when the corporation's true intentions became clear.

Behind the scenes

The Tubular Corporation appears to be a combination of Cyberdyne Systems from the official Terminator films and the Weyland-Yutani Corporation from the Alien film series. They have only appeared in the unofficial film Terminator II.

Their name most likely stems from "tubular", a word meaning "tube-shaped". Alternatively, it could be referring to the 1980s slang term, meaning "cool" or "awesome".

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