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The USS Jimmy Carter was a Seawolf class nuclear submarine that was commissioned by the United States Navy in 2005. It survived Judgment Day and was utilized by the Resistance against Skynet as a transport vessel. It is under the command of Queeg, a reprogrammed Series 888 Terminator, and Commander Jesse Flores served aboard as the ranking human.



During a mission transporting vital supplies to the Seranno Point Nuclear Power Plant Resistance base, the Jimmy Carter received an emergency distress call from Eagle Rock Bunker. Commander Flores was dispatched to investigate where she met Resistance soldier Derek Reese and Resistance asset Sydney Fields. Commander Flores was infected by a synthetic virus and sent to Serrano for treatment.

Classified Mission

While transporting supplies to Perth Australia, the Jimmy Carter was sent on a special mission by John Connor himself deep into Skynet controlled waters. After evading a Skynet Non-Humanoid Hunter Killer known as "Kraken", the Jimmy Carter docked at a Deep Sea Oil Platform near Indonesia and recovered a package from a Oil Rig Terminator and two Series 888 endoskeletons working there.

During transit back to California, the box was opened, despite orders not to do so, and it resulted in severe problems for the ship's company as a Series 1001 Terminator was contained inside.

Due to the release of the T-1001, Commander Flores scuttled the boat before terminating Queeg because he was believed to have been compromised.



Behind the Scenes

Jimmy carter sub

USS Jimmy Carter in real world

  • The Jimmy Carter is an actual Navy submarine. Its homeport is at the Bangor Annex of Naval Base Kitsap in Washington state.
  • The Jimmy Carter was specifically chosen for the show because of its ability to deploy SEAL Teams. A similar vessel, the fictional USS Roosevelt, was created for the novel T2: The Future War.



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