This page is about Uncle Bob from the Terminator 2: Infinity, for Uncle Bob from Terminator 2: Judgment Day, see T-800 (T2).


Uncle Bob

Unit number 675/45, aka "Uncle Bob", is a Series 800 Terminator sent back to help John Connor become the leader of the Resistance.

Terminator 2: Infinity

The year is 2009. The nuclear holocaust is a reality. John Connor is still filled with despair over the death of Katherine Brewster. Fearing that he won't be able to perform his destined role as leader of the Resistance, Connor meets "Uncle Bob", a Terminator sent by his future self to help John become the leader he was meant to be.

Attempting to correct anomalies in the timeline leading to its own destruction, Skynet dispatches the T-Infinity prototype to terminate Uncle Bob.


  • Uncle Bob is one of the few Terminators targeted by Skynet.
  • Despite being destroyed, Bob's CPU remains intact.
  • In the film Terminator 2: Judgment Day, John refers to the T-800 as "Uncle Bob" when introducing him to Enrique Salceda.