A list of notable unnamed Resistance members.

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Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Timeline

Avila Beach Resistance Fighters (2026)

These two Resistance members were fighting in The Battle of Avila Beach in 2026. They were using a rocket launcher as a weapon. They killed at least 1 HK-VTOL. It is unknown if they survived the battle.

Hammerhead Bunker Resistance (2027)

There were at least six Resistance members in the Hammerhead Bunker in 2027. Three of them were Derek Reese, Kyle Reese, and Martin Bedell. The other three were unnamed.

Resistance Prisoners (2027)
Human Prisoners

These prisoners were on a Skynet ship while Allison Young was captured.

The USS Jimmy Carter Crew (2027)
Jimmy Carter Crew

This was the submarine, USS Jimmy Carter crew under Queeg in September, 2027. The known members were Queeg, Jesse Flores, Dietze, Christopher Garvin, and Hayes.

Depot 2 Resistance (2027)
Depot 2 Resistance

These resistance members were stationed at Depot 2 in 2027. Some of them were killed by The Rogue.

The Rogue (2027)
106SCC The Rogue 888
Main Article: The Rogue

The Rogue was presumably a Series 888 terminator captured and reprogrammed by the Resistance in 2027. It was stationed at Depot 2. It "went bad" and started a rampage in the depot and was killed by Cameron.

Resistance Member (2027)
Unkown Resistance Member 1

This particular Resistance member was around when Derek Reese, Sayles, Timms, and Sumner were about to travel back in time to 2007.

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