A list of notable unnamed Terminators.

Original Timeline

Future Terminator
T800 T1 extra
Main article: Future Terminator

The Terminator

New Timeline

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Timeline

Unnamed HK-Tank "Ogre"

This HK-Tank led Skynet forces in The Battle of Kansas Bunker. It was destroyed by an E.F.P..

Unnamed T-888 (2027)
T-888 (2027)

This T-888 was aboard an Unnamed Skynet Aircraft Carrier. It participated in the interrogation of Allison Young and gave her a barcode.

Oil Rig Terminators (2027)
See Main Article: Oil Rig Terminator

These Terminators were on an Oil Rig with that the crew of the USS Jimmy Carter visited to get a box with a T-1001 in it. They were part of the Cyborg Resistance. There were 2 T-888s and a Terminator of unknown series, possibly a T-600, T-700, or a T-8xx.

The Rogue (2027)
106SCC The Rogue 888
Main article: The Rogue

The Rogue was presumably a Series 888 terminator captured and reprogrammed by the Resistance in 2027. It was stationed at Depot 2. It "went bad" and started a rampage in the depot and was killed by Cameron. "Dungeons & Dragons"

Unnamed T-8xx (2027)
SCC 106 terminator in the future2

This T-8xx was with Derek Reese, Sayles, and Andy Goode when they were being transported to a Skynet location. "Dungeons & Dragons"

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