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    August 1, 2010 by 58349

    The first infiltrator Skynet sometimes is cover by rubber skin which is easily to spot by The Resistance

    The Series 600 Terminator have improvements to its CPU and the redesign of the head, working jaw also support near human look.

    • Series 600 terminator is have titanium endoskeleton the vulnerable to heat and gun fire
    • The motor functions are susceptible and can be momentarily impaired by a knife attack to the targeting system in the back of the neck and The series 600 is easily detectable due to its size and lack of covering over its mechanics.

    Skynet first cybernetic organism made it first successful infiltrator

    The series 800 terminator endoskeleton is far more durable than Series 600 contains a Neural Net Processor CPU, or "learning comput…

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