Before we get to Terminator Salvation, first we'll have a recap of the first 3 films.

The Terminator

The Terminator is the original masterpiece that started the whole franchise back in 1984. In a post apocalyptic 2029, years after launching the nuclear holocaust known as Judgment Day against human kind, the artificial intelligence known as Skynet is on the verge of losing it's long lasting war against the small army of human survivors known as the Resistance, led by John Connor. To ensure its survival and victory, Skynet sends back through time a cyborg assassin known as the Terminator ( T-800 series model 101) to kill the mother of John Connor, Sarah Connor, before John is even born. The Resistance in turn sends back a lone resistance fighter, Kyle Reese, to protect Sarah from the Terminator. In the end, Kyle ends up becoming the father of John Connor before sacrificing himself to protect her. Sarah manages to destroy the Terminator and prepares for the coming war.

Terminator 2: Judgment Day

In 1991, Terminator 2: Judgment Day was released. It continues the story of Sarah Connor and her struggle to protect John. It is set 11 years after The Terminator. Skynet, having failed to kill Sarah, sends another, deadlier Terminator known as the T-1000, back through time, with a mission to kill the now 10 year old John Connor himself. Sarah has been locked up in a mental institution and John is in the care of a foster mother and father. The Resistance sends back a reprogrammed T-800 to protect John from the T-1000. After breaking Sarah out of the mental institution and arming themselves with weapons, Sarah tries to prevent the creation of Skynet by killing Miles Dyson, the scientist responsible for creating the super computer that would evolve into Skynet( by reverse engineering the remains of the first Terminator from the first film), thus preventing the nuclear holocaust and war. In the end, the super computer is destroyed, along with the T-1000 and the first terminator remains. The Terminator sacrifices itself to ensure the creation of Skynet never happens, leaving Sarah and John with a unknown, but hopeful future.

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines

In 2003, Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines added another chapter to the Terminator story. Sarah has long since died of lukemia and John is living as a drifter. It is revealed that Skynet continued to grow under the United States Air Force and that Judgment Day was not prevented, just postponed. Skynet sends it' newest and deadliest creation, The T-X ( A.K.A The Terminatrix) , back in time to Judgment Day itself to eliminate John's future lieutenants. The Resistance sends back a reprogrammed T-850 ( a slightly more advanced version of the T-800) to protect John and his future wife, Kate Brewster. In a last ditch effort to prevent Judgment Day, John and Kate try to destroy Skynet's system core before it launches it's attack on human kind while avoiding the T-X. Despite the efforts by John, Skynet goes online as a computer software, not a computer, thus making it unstoppable as it spread like a virus to computers all over the globe. The Terminator sacrifices itself to destroy the T-X just as Skynet launches it's foretold nuclear attack on human kind. John faces his destiny and rises to lead what is left of humanity against Skynet, thus ending the story of the man destined to lead humanity to victory against the machines.

Then, in 2009, a jerk by the name of McG came along and messed everything up. Terminator Salvation takes place in the middle of the war in 2018. Let the plot holes and bad writing begin. John, for some reason, is not the leader of human resistance. I can understand that he might have had to fight for the position, but in the end of T3, he clearly takes control. On an interesting side story, Marcus Wright, an inmate put to death in 2003 after donating his body to United States Air Force's Project Angel, awakens in 2018 at a destroyed Skynet base. He has no idea what has happened since he died. He later meets up with none other than a teenage Kyle Reese, the future father of John Connor. Kyle is Skynet's number 1 target, followed by John Connor. Some how, Skynet knows that John will lead the humans to victory and that Kyle is his father. Skynet believes that killing Kyle Reese will also kill John Connor. But instead of killing Kyle, they take him prisoner to use as bait for John, instead of killing him right there on the spot. At this point it is revealed that Marcus is a Terminator/ Human hybrid infiltrator. He is being held captive at John's base, but escapes with the help of one of John's soldiers, Blair Williams. After saving John, Marcus and him make a plan to save Kyle. Marcus travels to the Skynet base set in San Fransisco where Kyle is being held and sends John the coordinates to Kyles location. Why Skynet just doesn't kill Kyle now i don't understand. Marcus finds out that he was designed as an infiltrator, programed to lead John to Skynet. Apparently Skynet planned for Marcus to coincidencetly bump into John and Kyle at some point and in the right order. I guess Skynet was just lucky. John at this point is fighting a T-800 prototype while protecting Kyle. John sends Kyle to safety, while John stays behind. How dramatic. Just when things look bad for John, Marcus arrives and fights the T-800 while John plants a bomb made of T-800 fuel cells,even though T-850's ( which haven't been created yet) run on fuel cells, not T-800's. The T-800 hits Marcus in the chest, right over his heart, and kills Marcus. John super heats and then super cools the T-800. This freezes the terminator in place. Instead of destroying the Terminator while it's frozen, John goes and manages to revive Marcus by shocking him with loose wires. Just as John brings him back, the now unfrozen T-800 impales John through the back a long piece of metal. Marcus quickly defeats the terminator and takes John back to safety. John is still somehow alive at this point and is saved by Marcus, who donates his heart to John. Lucky for John, he and Marcus happen to have the same blood type, compatible organs, and still alive a few hours, even with a hole through his heart. Also lucky for John, his wife can conduct a heart transplant in the middle of a desert in a tent in a post apocalyptic, war torn world, even though she was just a vet in T3. She must have read a lot of medical books. The End. And thats just the story part of it. Why would Skynet Central in San Fransisco be so clean and white. The whole third act of the film with John sneaking around the base to find Kyle threw me off. The place seemed like a nice outlet mall. I half expected to see a food court and Star Bucks. Why would the facility like that? It doesn't make sense. The whole central should have looked like the huge terminator factory underneath the base if you ask me. There are so many things wrong with this movie. Killing Kyle doesn't matter. If he dies before he is sent back through time, the time line would either reset itself to the original, before time travel screwed everything up and where John had a different father not from the future, or John would just send back some one else from and have a different dad. So much is wrong with this movie. Feel free to add a point or argue a point.Aemeza 21:38, August 9, 2010 (UTC) Aemeza

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