Dr. Jade Hansen was an electromagneticist working for Cyberdyne Systems untill 2009. In 2009, she joined the resistance and soon became best friends with Kate Connor and Blair Williams. She has been working for nine years on finding a way to destroy Skynet and finally she succeeded with the Sonee Frequency tested on a hydrobot. She was shocked when she saw what Serena Kogan has done to Marcus Wright. She died in Skynet Central during the nuclear explosion.


  • Dr. Hansen was portrayed as a minor character in Terminator Salvation but she was the one that found out a way to destroy Skynet for good.
  • In the comic adaptation, Jade was the head of Robotics at Cyberdyne Systems.
  • It is revealled that Jade was close friends with Serena Kogan.
  • In the comic adaptation, Jade was in a wheelchair.
  • It is revealled that Jade studied at MIT for a decade prior to joining Cyberdyne Systems.



Dr. Hansen with John Connor testing the frequency on a hydrobot.


Dr. Hansen happy that the frequency was a success

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