Mir and Cybernet as Russia declared war on muslims of Afghanistan.Afghanistan which was much like an Army being of the land in descent not of the air or sea.Aghanistan as an army with Army weaponry and composed of factions was at full all out war with the Cold War Soviet Union and the combination of the Red Army,Red Airforce and Russian Navy and Cybernet's soldiers.Afghanistan was fighting terminators and soldiers and were being attacked by MiG's and Su's and Tu's the bread and butter of the Soviet Airforce and Navy.This was before any US and U.N. Raptors and F-15's and these fighters in comparison by European North Americans used to favour Soviet Fighters and VSTOL fighters and fighter bombers of Soviets. Bolar Federation Edit

Loosely based on the Soviet Union, the Bolar Federation (ボラー連邦) is one of the two galactic superpowers at odds with the Gelman-Gamilas Empire. They hold 35% of the star systems on the opposite side of Orion Arm.

   Bemlarzé (ベムラーゼ[5] Bemurāze?) (v.a. Junpei Takiguchi): Prime Minister of the Bolar Federation.
   Gorsakov (ゴルサコフ[6] Gorusakofu?) (v.a. Tesshō Genda)
   Balcom (バルコム Barukomu?) (v.a. Shōzō Iizuka)
   Harkins (ハーキンス Hākinsu?) (v.a. Masaru Tanaka)
   Governor-General Borroughs (ボローズ Borōzu?) (v.a. Masaru Ikeda)
   Levars (レバルス Rebarusu?) (v.a. Tomomichi Nishimura)
Ram (ラム[7] Ramu?): Captain of the Rajendra (v.a. Akira Kimura)

Cybernet Mir Afghan War

Army continent fighters that fight rugged,Army term.And how they shot down MiG's and Tu's and Su's.How they beat Soviet Army.

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