Scott Bernard is very intelligent and a resistance leader.There are factors to match him to Terminator and he would be totally against Skynet.He would be able to down terminators something humans cannot do.He is much a better leader than John Connor and is actual military leader.He is from Tirol's moon in outer space and is dedicated to earth.He is highly educated and knowledgable,soldier.He is able to counter intelligence of NORAD.His outer space life and military experience makes him the best leader in teaching.


.He is also classy.He is of higher class level. .He is very expressive to teach you about London in space and to teach you how to eat things properly,mix them properly.Americans hot dogs mix up veges and John is expert to teach you the real thing.Alpha fighter has to do with Terminators.VAF-9C Contra Grey Alpha Fighter,VAF-6,VAF-8 Contra Grey Alpha.What are the difference and they are Terminators.He knows how to make Terminator technology.Tirol has to do with Terminator.R.E.F. who severely listens to Scott's wishes being of very highest rankings in R.E.F. and HK. Government computers and defense computers..He is my older cousin and when I am down he said he'll help me.He is my family member but I have not seen him since 2006?And it was brief.Not like when I was little but my inner self was trapped inside stasis illness and now my gender is making body acids to melt diseases outer cells.I look alot better.No robotech games for my video game system.Shadow Chronicles.So he sends these heroic terminators and defeats them to make them good.And I want him to search out Red Sector A Ontario.I could approach Contra Grey Alpha and find out who he is representing Cybertron Gobotron.In the future I became huge and represent the Transformers and have highest level above Prime and Leader 1.I will find out about these Transformer Gobots? Well its because the Terminators crossed into his life as Invid were taking over areas Skynet had like "New Denver".He knew about computers and dealing between Invid Inbit and Skynet.Terminator's used Trilibite and recon are units just as Invid Inbit are.John would fail to pressure and being outmatched by many Terminal computers in world he has no chance against many of their foreign tactics.He needs a hero like Stick and Scott Bernard who is a leader and relentless to get Skynet.He understands computers and electronics.If humanity was pinned down they need an expert from future,Scott might be from past and in Tirol injected himself like Atlantis to not age.He's from 60's.Someone that has no fear towards giant mechas and machines like Skynet's.He won't give up if you know Stick and Scott.

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