FANDOM In the Terminator Earth Class and space era Skynet and other Terminator Computers in space as Skylar were confronted by proven war enemies that defeated Skynet as United States.These two countries with feirce and intelligent fighters were Vietnam and Grenada.Vietnam won against Skynet and defeat America its defeat.Japan lost.Vietnamese tactics and soldiers,Rock On's Metaller Tribal long hair and tall and heavy fighters and from Tribal islands defeated Americans and Skynet called upon the world forces and U.N. and UFP.Vietnam won and beat the Americans in Skynet's warfare,terminators and soldiers and machines and carriers and works.Vietnamese fighter MiG's defeated Skynet USA and US Airforce.Captured Rambo.Skynet could not nuclear its natural enemy Vietnamese who are in warfare on Skynet and more Terminator Computers.As Grenada defeated the US and crushed Charlston and their was alert all day long on Hamilton Ontario CHCH 11 and ABC that Charlston was crushed by Grenada.Grenadan troops defeated US and Skynet.UN and UFP Federation erased Grenada's win vs United States.Grenadans cut off arms on Cobra helicopters from carriers Skynet gave the command and controlled them to attack island of Grenada.Grenada had nuclear weapons from Communism and used their strength as island vs bigger land mass US continent.Skynet must fight Grenada its natural enemy it lost to.Charlston was surrender and end of America,t.v.caust all day long the military city was nuclear missiled by Grenada.America was crushed and smoking from smaller Grenadans.
Map of vietnam

Champion Vietnamese tribe


Champion vs Skynet

Skynet was built by China.Imperial China and their role in Vietnam.Skynet has Japanese technology by Chinese.

Imperial China

Skynet must fight China and won vs alot of countries in its history from WW1 to modern day using USA.Chinese fighters and troops fight and invade US and defeat more Terminator Computers.1-18. Magnetron Wave (Floating Fortress Island! Two Men Brave Death)
   "When you're young, you never realise the consequences of acting foolishly. But, boy, did I learn." -- Sandor 

An unmanned Gamilon space fortress emitting disruptive magnetron waves tracks and follows the Argo. Its micro-waves start to rip apart the ship by setting up vibrations in the metal. But, Sandor fashions a seamless plane that damps the waves, and he and Wildstar manage invade and destroy the fortress. We learn Sandor is a cyborg, having bionic limbs -- a product of a childhood accident. This is a more emotional episode that it might first appear.


Running beneath the basic plot of this story is that of Sandor's personal tragedy. He laments of the foolishness of youth. When he was a child, he insisted on being allowed to ride a "rocket car" on the moon. His parents eventually agreed, but his older sister accompanied him for protection. The machine malfunctioned and crashed, killing Sandor's sister (we are not told this in the American version), and causing a loss of limbs to Sandor, rendering him relatively helpless. When encountering the Gamilon machine that operates the Magnetron Fortress, he says,

   "It's kind-of weird... sort-of a great joke. [pause] But it's not funny. Here we create these machines, and then they have the ability to destroy us. Science HAS to do better than that. We must keep control of the machines we create! If we don't, we're helpless." 

Of course, Earthers did not create that machine. His words are perhaps just as much an allusion to the rocket car of his childhood. Sandor seems to blame his folly for his sister's death, but it is clear that he also blames ill-controlled machinery. His deep desire to control the machines we create may partially explain his career as an engineer. We also learn that Sandor was a colleague and friend of Wildstar's brother, Alex, who is presumed dead. Sandor says, Gamilon Computer warfare as machines on humanity and aliens.

   "I can't help but feel that if I had enough time to repair his ship properly, his ship could have gotten him and his crew home safely, and your brother would be alive today. If I had done a better job..." 

Incidentally, the first gizmo Sandor ever builds and shows to Derek Wildstar is nothing less than a small rocket car. Coincidence?

In the end, Sandor exercises control over his own mechanical limbs, caught by the Gamilon machine, by detaching them and detonating them like small bombs. The explosion renders the fortress helpless.

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