Terminator 5 would be great if they made it in the future like cutscene of Terminator 1 beginning story and take us to that for the whole movie.2029 and fighting.And to explain the Terminators even to the Termina-trix TX.And they show project how they were teleported and their service.T-1000 more information and to make a leading role for him.1983: G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero (aka The MASS Device) 1984: G.I. Joe: The Revenge of Cobra (aka G.I. Joe II) 1985: First Season 1986: Second Season

1987: G.I. Joe: The Movie

Joe leader




Agent Doggett T-1000

These Joes in space Skynet did exploration from t.v. and found their quadrant and is at war with GI Joe.Skynet is getting more and more hybrid to adjust and fight GI Joe real.Every human race was at war with Skynet and Skynet found more Defense computers in space governments.GI Joe are elite troops that can do military special abilities.Skynet developed new machines vs US and new terminators and uses them everywhere on every front.



Cobra Commander






Major Blood

Cobra is at all out war on Skynet and anything terminator.They do not like Skynet.Terminator 5 is all out war and Cobra will attack Terminator Resistence who has GI Joes on their side.Cobra attacks at Skynet and Joes and Resistence.John Doggett should be given high role to show Agent Doggett into T-1000.He did not have a staring role he is capable of.He can fight better but in the story x-files is linked to Skynet and people can figure out what happened to Agent Doggett.Resistence has Joes on their side.Cobra could become a computer though.If they defeat a computer.Leader from moons of Tirol.Terminator 5 would expand on Arnold.But how do we get him to retain 1990's in him or 2000's without losing the firearms.He would go to lasers.Time travel back and forth to show reality.Firearms won't disappear.Mixed up.RAH's technology is advanced of 80's.More battles and to show rating levels.Joes will be able to beat terminators but what about Cobra made terminators.Air power fights.I thought to show Canada and US popular North America.Make it like news.We really want to see what is going on,mysteries.Great Lakes area.US Navy. What would Skynet do in World War.In the past there were greatest troops and before NATO.What terminator would Skynet send to WW.Physical battles show troops ratings,leadership and attributes in battle on the screen and cut scenes.Science.Police force is powerful and in their duties know what to do on Terminators.Battle units of both sides and Skynet and Cobra.Explore Resistence and police,keep exploring.And the Terminator 5 video game.The Story gets explained more and more from action.And it makes a picture.Explain the fan favourite characters keep them going but some leave out because its past their skills dangers.See them do their abilities alot and to get further and further new scenes and locations and interact with who is popular fan favourites and how they are involved.It would be great if they showed outer space warfare.Skynet and GI Joe Resistence fighting in space on the moon and Mars vs Terminator Space Government Computers attack and infantry.Improvisation on the machines and not get them easily kllled as that is not real.NASA .Facilities,dams,powerplants,underground where its under sidewalk to avoid Terminators assimulated suburbs and civilians laws suburbs to cities.And explain about Skynet's operations and whole story.Skynet Europe and its operations,Cybernet Mir and its warfare.What is going on on these fronts,Greenland,Africa,South America,Pacific,Asia,Antarctica.How do Russians fight Mir.Who are their leaders.Who is fighting Skynet Europe?What is going on there.Teletraan for Pacific.Teletraan is a computer attacks New Guinea,Australia,Hawaii,Vietnam and Pacific.Teletraan also is Defense computer for Canada.CANR and North Bay.Red Queen.Carribean.But there were and are wars between countries.Vietnam would attack US.Grenada would try to redefeat US and nuclear bomb them.South America is an enemy of US from Contras who are long haired robotics mecha technology expert troops.Contras look like Metallers heavy metal music but soldiers that use mechas after adaptations of South America and Mexico and Caribbean and Centurions cartoon.Falklands?Rockies and in Canada.Eastern Seaboard.Old SAC bases.NATO.CSI Miami and that computer ally of Skynet.Other dimensions.Terminator 5 would be great if it showed map of the world and fighting zones.Then to zero in on many fronts as the fighting is equal in many fronts of fighting and different fighting styles and armies.Different outcome but to storm and destroy the computer dominating them in that zone.South America and Contras.Many in Canada fighting North Bay.Space missions to attack them in cyber space.But they can't bring in new types of terminators from different computers and their wars.Wars in Europe.Africa.Many would go with bringing T-1000 but Agent Doggett.

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