The T-1000 I have always thought can fight better than what it does in T2.The T-1000 was modeled after Agent Doggett.I would love to see the story about the T-1000 and Terminator computers capturing Agent Doggett to make the T-1000.Agent Doggett is a better fighter than Resistance. Terminator Computers captured GI Joes and also Doggett.What would Doggett do that is better than the T-1000.This is a machine and does not have the powers of Agent Doggett and the decision making and a great Agent in X-Files.Agent Doggett is not that hated and in X-Files did better than Moulder.He got to explain himself from his limited acting in T2.But T-1000 has Agent Doggett's smarts and everyone would say that T-1000 is a really innovative terminator and Agent Doggett does not have terminator powers,but can live alot more than Reese.Agent Doggett is an FBI Agent and can re-equip himself and radio a unit and use police cars.He would be a great threat to Terminator Computers and could fight his way in to Skynet or any other Terminals.He can destroy Terminators.He can take being hit by a terminator and live alot and has police strength or better.Warfare technology these groups have better warfare conditioning and treatment and body armors.Injections and chemicals to go to war and live and with take punishment as war does on troops.Terminators want to be people because of the instruments and conditioning the military has and branches off.Agent Doggett does not run from a terminator.What does a terminal that made T-1000 respond to Agent Doggett for dialogue and communication.There is T-1000 in Agent Doggett and in X-Files.And in the Sarah Connor Chronicles and the answer on the sub was "No" to John and Scott Bernard Stick.Agent Doggett has better things,access codes and access to Federal reserve power and manpower and it has to be done in Terminator 5 to explain his ranking the T-1000.Police use knifes and cutting tools.Agent Brian Adams is a T-1000.The Canadian rock singer of 1980's is a T-1000 and Doggett.Habib Khan.Former Pittsburgh Pirates star Pitcher of middle 70's and Cy Young awards,World Series MVP vs the Brewers of 80's.3 Rivers Stadium starter sidearmer and submarine veteran.Flick it short stop sidearm 90 plus.Sparks.Willie Stargell his teammate in leadership of Pirates Clubhouse.T-1000 gets hit by shot gun shells.Agent Doggett is intelligent and in Intelligence.He is trained and knows many firearms and is the T-1000's enemy.It portrays him but Agent Doggett was interested in confronting him.He would survive being shot as it does.It was used on Resistance to infiltration tunnels and hallways by changing to liquid to infiltrate the tunnels through breaches and cracks.Then reforms and launches a stab attack with stabbing weapons.They fire on it and Agent Doggett would learn has no effect.Agent Doggett would meet the T-100 and T-101 Arnold Dutch.Dutch or Arnold then would be re-programmed by Agent Doggett who is part of history and war with Skynet and its many computers.Evolution process and war.He is a trained expert and knows damage.And knows what to go to against T-1000 and T-800.Agent Doggett is a great fighter.He is a brave character and stern from X-Files.

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