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  • Sam Trent Reznor

    The Future Plotline of Terminator Genisys Trilogy - Part 1

    This starts with two Machines being sent from the Future before Skynet sends it's T-800 to kill Sarah and The Human Resistance sends Kyle to protect her. The two Machines sent were Pops (T-800) and the T-1000. For more info on Timelines of Genisys, watch this video :

    Pops was sent by Human Resistance and T-1000 was sent by Skynet is assumed. But here are were some suspicious points come out :-

    1 - Why are the identities of who sent Pops unknown ? If it was the Human Resistance led by John were the ones who sent him what could they gain by hiding this info when Skynet already knew they would do so ?

    2- How was Pops able to merge with mimetic P…

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