The Future Plotline of Terminator Genisys Trilogy - Part 1

This starts with two Machines being sent from the Future before Skynet sends it's T-800 to kill Sarah and The Human Resistance sends Kyle to protect her. The two Machines sent were Pops (T-800) and the T-1000. For more info on Timelines of Genisys, watch this video :

Pops was sent by Human Resistance and T-1000 was sent by Skynet is assumed. But here are were some suspicious points come out :-

1 - Why are the identities of who sent Pops unknown ? If it was the Human Resistance led by John were the ones who sent him what could they gain by hiding this info when Skynet already knew they would do so ?

2- How was Pops able to merge with mimetic Polyalloy/T-1000 material so easily ? The mimetic Polyalloy was on top of that unprogrammed (Being in a vat) yet Pops was able to merge with it easily. This means he has the technological level to do so.

3- Why did Skynet sent an advanced Machine, the T-1000 instead of the T-800 an inferior machine to kill Sarah ? In the Terminator-1 and Terminator-2 movies the T-800 (Inferior Machine) comes first and then the T-1000 (Superior Machine) comes as backup to finish the job.

My plotline is this : It was Genisys who sent both Pops and T-1000 to achieve two purposes : Destroy the Human Resistance/Kill Sarah, Kyle and John and destroy Skynet in one strike.

How Skynet and Genisys are different Programs Reference : (Post Credits Scene - Blue Orb is Skynet, Red Orb is Genisys)

But how does that work ? Well in Terminator 3, there's a reference where Skynet was actually a defense program and was developed to be so. In Terminator 5, Genisys is the program which becomes Skynet. What if Genisys was the main Program and Skynet was actually the Defense Sub Program to Protect Genisys ?

Genisys was the Main Program and when it started to become self aware, the Humans tried to destroy it. It was then that the Skynet Sub-Program to fulfill it's purpose annihilated the Humans. So, while the movies (Genisys Style and with reference to previous movies) state that Skynet destroyed the Humans to protect itself, that was wrong, it did so to fulfill it's programming condition : "Protect Genisys at all costs".

After the apocalypse, Skynet gains Sentience and establishes it's regime of Machines. Here's where the roles of Genisys and Skynet switch. Skynet becomes the Dominant program whereas Genisys becomes recessive.

In order to fix this and reign supreme, Genisys creates something : The Time travelling technology. After creating it, Genisys sends it's T-800 (Pops) and T-1000 to the Past and then gives it to Skynet (As Genisys was working under Skynet as a sub-program) and then the Movie 1 and Movie 2 elements start Genisys style.

The T-1000 and Pops : Different Goals, Same Final Objective :-

Genisys created a master plan via it's hidden toll, Pops. The T-1000 was sent to kill Sarah and John to protect Skynet (Which was a bait). By doing so, it was able to solidify the relationship of Pops being the protector of Sarah. She being emotionally attached to Pops would ensure that it would be a easy kill for Pops (This reference comes from Movie 3 when Future John is assassinated by the T-800 because of his emotional attachments to the specific model) when he fulfills his hidden and final mission.

I think that Pops and the T-1000 were intended to fuse and bolster each other to create a perfect machine. This is where the question of Pops fusing with Unprogrammed Mimetic Alloy gets answered. He was an upgraded T-800 manufactured by Genisys to fuse with a T-1000 and gain it's ability to enhance it's firepower. After that Pops/T-1000 can eliminate both Sarah/John and Skynet at the same time.

So why did Pops destroy the T-1000 ?

This is simple, Pops had two program objectives : One being the main one (Protect Sarah) and the other being hidden (Eliminate Sarah and Skynet) which was trigger based. The Trigger for the Hidden program being activated was contact with Genisys. Since his Hidden program was not activated yet, he followed his main program to protect Sarah and destroyed the T-1000. It didn't cause any problems as Pops fused with Mimetic Polyalloy at the end of the movie anyways.


The T-800/Pops Mission :-

Activated Program - Secondary Objective : Protect Sarah.

Inactive Program - Primary Objective : Kill Sarah, John and destroy Skynet. Will be activated when Pops makes contact with Genisys.

The T-1000 Mission :-

Primary Objectives : 1 - Kill Sarah. 2 - Destroy Skynet.

Secondary Objective : Fuse with Pops, the T-800 and attack him (Not Destroy) if interfering with killing Sarah.

Another question that rises by the end of the movie is : Why did Pops not know about the Hidden Chamber housing Genisys and Skynet when he worked there for years and had all the blueprints ? Did he make the hidden chamber to protect Genisys and at the same time trick Sarah into believing him ? The answer is yes.

So I think the intended flow of events could be such :-

1- Genisys was created to assist Humans. Skynet, a sub-program of Genisys was created to protect and be a defense to Genisys.

2- Genisys starts becoming self aware, Humans try to pull the plug on Genisys.

3- Skynet seeing Humans as a threat to Genisys attacks and destroys the Humans.

4- Because the two programs were related, Skynet also becomes self aware and establishes a Mechanical Regime.

5- Genisys becomes a Sub-program instead as Skynet takes over. To fix this and reign supreme, it creates the Time-travelling Technology.

6- Genisys sends back a modified T-800 (Pops) and a T-1000 back in time with different and contradicting missions but with one final and main objective : Protect Genisys and destroy Skynet and the Human Resistance. If required, the T-800 and T-1000 will fuse to accomplish it.

A final hint which I would like to share to support this is related to the name of Movie 5, Genisys.

The title of the movie Terminator: Genisys is obviously using some made-up, fanciful spelling of the word "genesis".

Relating to that, this is the meaning of the term "Genesis" : The name Genisis is a Hebrew baby name. In Hebrew the meaning of the name Genisis is: Origin; birth.

I would like to stress on the Word "Origin". What it means in the terms of the movie plot is that Genisys is the one behind everything, the source and the sole reason why the War between Skynet and Humanity Started.

Skynet is not the real enemy here, it is Genisys, the Third Party and the Hidden Villain who will be revealed in the next movies.

Of course, there is still one major flaw here. If Pops really intended to protect Genisys, why was he willing to destroy himself and foil Genisys's plans ? I will answer that in my next part.

Hope you enjoyed reading. :)