Psychic Tale: Genesis is a novel and rewritten story which was based on Terminator: The Resistance Fighters Chronicles, the fanfiction series written by Stefan1994(also known as F.S.N. Stefan). This story is still about the war between humans and machines, infiltration and cyborgs like Terminator, but the difference is that this story turns more romantic with love story of a psychic Major, Stefan, who is the male protagonist and narrator of this story. Some characters' names and characteristic are based on some Terminator characters such as...


E-book book cover

- Jonathan Turner (based on John Connor) is a gifted human with ability to talk, read and reprogram machines mentally.

- Emily (based on Cameron Phillips) is a mysterious lover of Jonathan Turner, who disappears at some point.

- Lena Turner (based on Sarah Connor) is a gifted human with ability to see the future. She's still mentioned character as a dead and heroic woman.

- Thomas and Daniel Leasers (based on Reese brothers) are the soldiers and friends to Allison.

- General Merry (based on General Perry) is a General and leader of American survivors.

- Moon Forest (based on Jesse Flores) is a commander abroad USS Connecticut.

- Captain Stamina (based on Captain Queeg)

- Allison Yacht (based on Allison Young) is the female protagonist.

- Jinseno Barbidi (based on John Henry) is a male A.I. on human side and the master of Kate.

- Kate (based on Catherine Weaver) is a shape shifting robot on Jon's side.

- Magnus (based on Skynet) is an A.I. created and developed by the Four Technopaths (psychics with abilities to talk, read and program machines), and the one who controlled over all computer systems perfectly to destroy the whole world with nukes and automatic weapons.

Short description:

Stefan is a young officer with an unnatural gifts--he is a psychic. He, his father and survivors walk through the world destroyed by apocalypse, machine force and martial stress. Stefan is never happy until he meets a beautiful teenage girl, Allison Yacht, on the night during his mission to Los Angeles. She changes his life perfectly, filling his life with the feelings he has never had before.

Extended description:

Major Warapop Pichitchai or Stefan has his mother killed by one enemy of his family. He has lost more than a mother, but his life as usual boy. He has only one General father and his love for the whole world. His life wasn't so happy, he always lived with guilt of his mother's death. He then lost the world he loved. He lost everything that made him happy. He always used his power to manipulate his emotions. But that was just an addiction. After they failed to protect seven billions lives on J-Day, General Anongsak Pichitchai-- Stefan's father, managed to group many Asian survival groups together. Stefan is never so happy until he meets a beautiful teenage girl, Allison Yacht, on the night during his mission to go to Los Angeles. She changes his life perfectly, filling his life with the feelings he has never had before.

After saving Allison's sister, he and Allison with his men abroad three ships go to Los Angeles Survival Colony and meet General Merry, the leader of American survivors. During contract, Stefan promises to help them finish the big facility/dome of machines in Palmdale called "The Dome 42", where replaced the Plant 42 with machine town.

In order to both finish his mission and prove the fact of his heart that he strongly falls in love with Allison, he needs to pass many dangers and walls between him and Allison on the ways he goes. His antagonists who try both to kill him and all his friends, and they are not powerless. Allison's dead ex-boyfriend who comes back to Allison's life again. The difference between him and her. The protection for other humans. And also, the protection and worry for her sanity. How can he manage and fulfill his new life? How can he win his enemies with true love and true happiness in his mind? How can he make her happy? Is he finally happy at the end which is just a genesis of his whole new life? Will he be fine? Will he be able to raise the moribund humanity? Or will the whole human race be completely extinct? Everything's up to his strong and emotional mind.


- This story is now available on Amazon,, Smashwords and Payhip.

- This E-book doesn't have a print version.

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