New appearance

T-800s from the genisys timeline are very similar to their skynet made counterparts but with a few differences, firstly, their overall design is slightly different being almost more streamlined in places with added plates on the hands, and the leg and chest design being noticably different with the latter even having the Genisys logo. The eye sockets are wider and narrower, though this may be a trick of the light given that previous T-800s always had shadows darkening the eye sockets, therefor masking any details that has now been seen in the genisys model. The jawline is more angular and there seems to more wiring in the waist area as well as the hips being more pointed and angular as well. The feet no longer have a rounded heel but a wide flat one.



New Hud with Genisys logo


New Hud with targeting system

The genisys version possesses a new and up to date HUD system that even uses the Genisys logo, the overall look of the HUD is similar to the T-RIP, the resistance infiltrator propotype featured in Terminator: Salvation, the HUD's tracking marker being almost exactly the same with the exclusion of the many dots that would highlight a target.

Skin Sheath


T-800 Skin sheath

Genisys models possess an apparently superior skin sheath to the original skynet version, having greater regeneration capabilities without leaving scars and doesn't seem to suffer from decay or necrosis even when having taken severe damage, for example, the T-800 from the main timeline only suffered a few bullet wounds, large surgical cut in the forearm and its human eye removed, whereas pops suffered far more damage and not only did "he" not rot but was able to fully regenerate the flesh on his arm after it had been completely melted away by acid. The flesh is similar to those used by the T-850, in that it comes off easily and without much blood if any. In reality this is likely because of the film's ratings.


The endoskeleton itself seems to be far more durable as well, considering that a Genisys T-800 was able to survive a shot from an underslung grenade launcher with no damage except to its skin sheath, the original version was blown apart by a home-made pipe bomb, though said bomb was actually placed into the waist of the previous T-800, which was likely a weak point. Kyle once again hits a T-800 with a metal pipe but rather than knocking the cyborg's head to the side like before, the pipe simply bends instead and is able to continue running against shotgun blasts with little to no loss of momentum unlike the original in where a shotgun blast was able to knock it back easily. The genisys T-800 seems to superior to the skynet's T-850 given that it shrugged off an electrical attack whereas the T-850 was stunned. Also the endoskeleton is able to survive attacks from a T-3000 and even stand its ground briefly against it (through magnetic gauntlets), showing more effectiveness against the advanced model than the T-850 did against a T-X.


  • The new 800 series seems to have taken traits from both the T-RIP and the T-850, both from an accelerated version of the main timeline.
  • The T-8xx series seems to have a habit of being able to take on and even terminate superior models, though usually always physically outmatched their inventiveness and creativity allows them to eventually best their superiors despite the fact that said superior models are supposed to be far more intelligent as well as having access to the same files as a T-800 series does. The best example to date is when one T-800 (genisys model) and in need of maintenance, went up against a T-3000 and by cleverly using magnetic gauntlets, was able to briefly dominate the fight, with it's attacks actually affecting the more advanced terminator, this is in contrast to the fight between the T-850 and the T-X, while the T-850 was able to go toe-to-toe, it's physical attacks had no affect whatsoever on the T-X, which almost seemed to be "amused" at the inferior model's attempts. However, the 850 had managed to disable the T-X's wrist using only one hand and did directly terminate it using its own power source.



T-800 Endoskeleton skull

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