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Vanessa Vasko is the daughter of Jane Vasko and a member of the Resistance. She has also inherited her mother's healing factor.


Vanessa was born in New York City some time before the Judgement Day. In the aftermath of its nuclear fallout, she joins the Resistance and marries Brad Anderson, bearing a son named Dean. Because of her superhuman ability, she was considered to be of extreme importance. Mostly, the Resistance had taken many blood and DNA samples from her to find a way to adapt this to their troops, John Connor refused to let her on the front lines, believing that she was vital to the war effort.

Vanessa's team managed to infiltrate a Skynet facility, where a male and a female Terminators were going to be sent back in time to stop John Connor from being born. Vanessa managed to stop the latter by destroying the TDE's controls, sending it to 2008 instead. She then volunteered to follow the female Terminator and stop it from altering the timeline, as it had changed objectives to terminate her mother. The TDE took Vanessa to a clothes store, where she dressed herself with like items. A security guard attempted to stop her from leaving with unpaid merchandise, but she knocked him out and took his gun. She then hijacked a police helicopter to search Central Park for her mother. She slammed her vehicle into the Terminator, pinning it. She sacrificed herself to save her mother by activating the Terminator's external self-destruct, killing herself in the explosion.


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