Venice, Italy is the setting of the unofficial film Terminator II.

In the year 2000, the city of Venice was polluted and a toxic cloud hung over the city, forcing the Italian government to evacuate the area. The Tubular Corporation was hired to rid the city of the toxicity in the water and air, but instead made it worse to boost real estate sales. Shelter 65, the Tubular Corporation's underground foothold in the city, was attacked by mutated creatures that killed off most of the personnel of the facility, leading to the Megaforce entering the complex to investigate. They were accompanied by Tubular Corporation employee Samuel Fuller and scientist Dr. Sara Drumble.

The creatures turned out to be biomechanical constructs made from an artificial enzyme that reconstructed living beings on a molecular level. The enzyme was the product of an experiment by Professor Henry Raffelson.

Also in the city was the Tubular Plant, which was abandoned. Fuller rigged the plant to self-destruct, which would cause the pollution that hung over Venice to spread world-wide. The remainder of the Megaforce was annihilated by Fuller and the creatures, leaving only Dr. Drumble and Professor Raffelson's daughter Samantha. The two managed to escape the complex in a Tubular Corporation Time-pod, just as the plant self-destructed.

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