Virginia was a survivalist who supported the Resistance and the leader of a small group of humans hiding in a store in the deserts outside Los Angeles.

Terminator Salvation

Virginia was the leader of a group of human survivors of Judgment Day who had taken residence in the burned out remains of a 7-Eleven convenience store in the desert near Los Angeles. She was a very kind woman who offered their stockpile of supplies to Kyle Reese, Star, and Marcus Wright. Nonetheless, this would not be favorably looked upon by Len, one of her companions. He threatened the group and his threats were only interrupted by the attack of a Harvester. Virginia was soon captured and transported to Skynet Central aboard a transport.

She kept her optimism by telling stories and singing to Star, but the group was broken up when they reached their destination. She was later rescued along with Star and other humans captured by Skynet during John Connor's raid on Skynet Central.


  • It is rumored that Virginia may have had some previous connection to military and possibly Skynet due to what appeared to be a Military Medal hanging from the back of her jacket in the shape of a star.
  • Virginia is originally killed in the early draft and a deleted scene of Terminator Salvation.

Behind the Scenes



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