Wells bullet

The fatal bullet exiting Wells' body as he arrives from the future.

Wells was a Resistance fighter sent to November 2007 to stop Carl Greenway from destroying the Seranno Point nuclear power plant because of its importance to the Resistance in the War against the Machines.



Wells' handiwork

He had a gunshot wound on the left side of his chest right when he arrived in 2007; the bullet being inside him while in the Time Displacement Field, and exiting as he arrived. At some point before he died, he entered the basement of the new Connor safe house and scrawled a list of potential targets on the wall in his own blood. He later burst into the living room through a porch door, surprising Sarah Connor. He told them to stop Greenway from destroying the power plant just before he died. Sarah Connor, Cameron Phillips, and Derek Reese assumed his mission after he died and they succeeded. "Automatic for the People"


  • Wells arrived late in the night in a back-alley city lane, probably in Los Angeles, similar to Kyle Reese.


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